Atlas Prim Bonus Not Working


Completed Trapper buff on first day! Still only getting 5%! Who can help here ?


So I’m still only getting 5% bonus when should be getting 25%. Yet find others like this lucky AmadaFamilia player whose destroyer is getting a 50% bonus! WTF PG!


ok, seeing these stupid super buff and non-resolution its starting to annoy me to say the least. Midly annoyed that my buffs are not working,… but seeing super buffs is utter and complete BS as this really screws up balance and puts some people at a massive advantage to the detriment of too many.

And to read that some are getting instan troops from support. like wtf. i though you guys were gonna try and treat players more fairly. Just about at 600k glory; how many excess troop losses is that for me that i shouldn’t have.

Issues like these are why i consider quitting, esp, when this year we were supposed to see better from you guys. Kinda looks and feels just like before ie. past season


Sorry for the silence over the weekend everyone! We are still working to figure out why many people’s buffs were not credited correctly. Unfortunately, I do not have any more information than that at the moment.


Please also look into why some people have extra buffs, like the person with a 50% buff…


but still no full buff on my destroyer or sieger ( i maxed those in first hours)


We’re currently working on resolving this issue.


I saw that trapper too thought I was seeing things at first


instead of pissing all of us off more each day…why not just reset our lines and let us reclaim them? the “elegant” solution is taking too long and its compounding daily.


No kidding


We just ran a job to fix this for everyone. This hopefully should be resolved now. Please let us know if for some reason you are still seeing the wrong amounts.


@Arelyna Did a hard restart of game and buffs still not applied. I obviously have the 25% you can check my ticket numbers above


I do not believe this fixed the problem. Will px be compensating for the troop loss? Some have been credited and others, like myself have been told no as always. How is this being handled?


Still not fixed… and what is being done for the thousands of troops lost due to this bug? Surely PG will address this right?


Yeah if PX is already giving out compensation for this, that kind of sets a precedence. @Arelyna I think all people who were affected by this should be compensated the same as those who were lucky enough to get the right PX agent.


Yep I’ve lost roughly 120k troops on my Taunter since season opened and I finished the boost.


Mine and BigFredd’s are fixed.


Glad to hear some people’s got resolved. I understand that there are still some who are not, and we are working on figuring out what went wrong with the job.

As to compensation, we will be determining the proper compensation for everyone and sending it out. I’ve heard that a few players may have already received some level of compensation, and that should not have happened. We are looking into where that happened. We apologize for this.


Mine finally kicked in on the 3rd time I reloaded the game


Mine is working