Atlas Prim Bonus Not Working


No it was in a text based application, I don’t watch streams anymore. Maybe it was in early birds hmm forget now


I claimed up to 25% trapper buff, only the last 2 that were claimed in past 4 hours show, so just getting a 10% buff.

@Arelyna any updates on when this will be fixed?


Got 2 buffs, and attack/def was increased right a way, but not on 5% each time.
Base value was 281. After 1st prize it becomes 288. After 2nd - 301 or 302, don’t remember
10% from 281 is about 28, so 309 is expected at the moment. Was opening both prizes about 10-12 hours ago.


I only happened to claim stuff after the fix was already rolled out, and it’s working fine for me. It seems the problem is just with all the buffs claimed before the fix.


I claimed some before the fix, took 12+ hours to get them
I claimed some after the fix, still don’t have them (several hours later)

I’ve done everything in both cases except re-install.



Yesterday I got the first 20%
Today I got the last buff for my trapper and now have full 25%.


I’ve had mine for well over 24 hrs and still not applying to destroyer🤬


I am in the same boat as most. The new prim buffs I am claiming are applied as soon as I claim them, but the original prim buff line I got before the fix is still not being applied. Should I just wait or do I need to put in some sort of request?



I submitted a ticket about this, and I got the response “the team is aware of this and is working a solution. We have nothing we can do at this time” response.


They said that they know who has claimed it vs not, i’m just not sure if their data pull includes partially claimed before and partially claimed after rewards.

Either way it’s worth a note at least I think. It’s now a manual process so it will probably take a bit of time to do
I’ve been informed that this may not indeed be correct…


are some folks getting support to activate theirs being a manual process?

support is being, as usual very unhelpful even with screenshots for proof of claiming and showing non-buffed primes for me.


It’s been greater than 24 hours that i’ve been missing the first 2 prizes (+10% buff)
The others were claimed and showed up within a few hours in the adjusted primarch stats.

I just wrote support again asking about manual adjustments and they’ve said…

“We can’t manually adjust your buff at the moment, But our team I believe your team still working to apply the fix to you and other players. I know it’s a lot to ask, But we really hope you can bear with us. We really hope that the fix will come out soon. We really apologize for the inconvenience.”

“I’m truly sorry about this. Unfortunately, we will be unable to manually adjust you for this issue at this time. At the current moment, our team is investigating the scope of the issue to apply the fix. We really sorry about this. We’re unable to apply fix case-by-case for this specific issue. We will continue working on this issue and others to make War Dragons an enjoyable game for all”

Happen to know a ringer that can come in and get this resolved?

since it does make a significant impact on glory hunting efficiency…
could we not be asking for atlas elite refunds since we’re potentially burning more troops we bought due to their error? :man_shrugging::sunglasses::popcorn:


Poked someone for an answer, will update


It’s been well over 24 hours and my 25% Taunter buff is still not working. Replied to a ticket last night and so far has been ignored. My destroyer and rusher buffs are working but I got those after the Taunter buff


I am assuming you claimed it in the first several hours of the season starting?


:point_up_2::+1::+1::+1::+1: yea

i think its the case with most if not all of us missing the buff


Yep, sent a ticket in yesterday morning. They told me to wait 24 hours, which I did. Responded to the ticket last night and have heard nothing back.

Edit: They did respond, I didn’t get a notification for some reason. Says they can’t promise an immediate fix​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I don’t know if it’s even possible. But instead of manually fixing this…could PG universally reset all the primarch boost lines and return sigils spent. Then everyone repurchases the lines now that a fix is in place?


Badges, not sigils


Okay seriously, when the hell is this going to get fixed. I claimed mine about 2 hours after season started and I have still not gotten the bonus. We are in the middle of taking over a castle, and using up a lot of troops that the boosts could have potentially helped me save. Like, you’ve known a feature in your game is broken for around 48 hours and you haven’t still come up with a solution to fix it ? IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE ? @Arelyna