Atlas Prim Bonus Not Working


Sorry for the silence on my end everyone! We are still working on a fix for everyone who claimed the buff before 10:30ish am PT yesterday. Anyone who claimed it from then on will have it working correctly.


So we are punished for being more active and doing it earlier ? :joy: And I believe we don’t even have to think about getting any sort of compensation, because well it’s not like it’s a serious issue ? right ? :roll_eyes:


Troops being killed because our buffs were not applied isn’t that big of a deal is it?


Everyone who claimed a primarch buff between the launch of the season and yesterday at 10:30ish am PT should now have a working primarch buff! Please force close and reopen for this to take effect. If the issues continue, please let us know!



nope. i got 5% of my 25% buff applied

and my trapper buff is the same. getting only 5% of my 25%

this is with several restarts and a re-instal


Force closed
Primarch re-summoned
Buff still not applied


Same as above post. Only got 5% not 25%. @Arelyna


Following up with the Atlas Team


mine still isn’t working. I regret even trying to play the game at this point, just a waste of time.


I have the same problem. Only 15% of the 25% showing and no change from before.


I’m also still only showing 5% of 25%. They closed my ticket so I sent another ticket in…



Mine’s doing a little better. Getting 14% out of 25%. Smh.


Still getting 5% although I’ve claimed 25% :’(


C’mon, guys, seriously? Season just started couple of days ago. There were just two working days since start, and now there are weekends. OMG, I reported the issue 24 hours ago, still not fixed?? No bonus, I will stop playing, etc. It is reported and will be fixed. If you don’t want to lose slightly more troops - just wait for fix. I could understand if the Atlas was down, or broken event, but part of prim bonus, and so much rage…


uh… yea… you don’t think its a big deal?
why do you think almost everyone started the season going for it?
you don’t see it as an advantage to those who have the full buff vs those that don’t?


I see it. But also, if it is not working now - you could wait until it is working, and then go for glory. The season lasts for 3 months, and you don’t miss any daily rewards while bonus is not working. Also, noone is working on PG side on weekends, so it doesn’t make sense to scream now.



When is the best time to go all out on your troops hitting the hospital?
Build/revive event

What is the current event?
build/revive event

Why does it matter? one only gets so many hats / season

So if you’re being kinda efficient about it, wait for next roll around would you not miss out on an entire event rotation?

what % of a season is the total rotation? :stuck_out_tongue:

is it game shattering? no.
is it a bigger deal than you’re acting like it is? yes.


So these 25% are the end of the world, fine :slight_smile:
Still there are weekends, and this is just a game :slight_smile:


To us it is a game

to them is it their job/life :stuck_out_tongue: