Atlas Prim Bonus Not Working


Ok. So this is pretty funny. In an attempt to fix the buffs pg has Accidently introduced the super silver sieger :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Looks like my destroyer buff still isn’t fixed but apparently they randomly added sieger buff to my sieger and now if I claim sieger buff it stacks :joy::joy:


People don’t get prim boost to earn glory ? IT’d rather be easier to earn glory if you didn’t have it. The main reason for getting it is to minimize troop loss, or maximize the K:D ratio, specially important when you’re taking over castles.

We had a Siege planned soon after the season started, and the boost was crucial for me to maximize my ratio, I ended up with 1m + kills by the end of siege in the 2nd day, now calculate the amount of troops I could have saved if I had the boost active ? :man_shrugging:


for us mere mortal lower players it helps open our selection of available targets in ali
less time looking for targets
more trips are successful attacks vs getting attacked (without pulling any troop dump trickery)


If you have unlocked silver Siger/Destroyer, which isn’t a lot of effort as an E2P ( I mean atlas elite), You will have really high attack power, and specially if you’re lower level like you say, the targets you find at your level will always have rather low defensive powers. Making sure your attack number is not significantly higher than the targets defence number will increase the glory gain per battle significantly. specially if you’re hitting a bronze trapper, you are allowed to kill only 7.5k per hit and so making sure your attack isn’t too high will result in you loosing more troops for that battle resulting in higher glory per battle.

For your reference, I am only 172 and I am strictly to E2P as well.


What about those of us under constant attack? I’ve had about 100k troops killed on my Taunter since I should have had the 25% boost. The buffs aren’t just for offensive attacks. Some of us are very serious about this game especially when we are in diamond and we expect to have a game that works. The lag in Atlas is absolutely insane right now with server issues too.


Just to be clear - I’m not saying that this is fine.

“Not for glory”, ratio etc - ok, I will rephrase - you get more glory with the buff, using the same amount of troops, don’t you?

Job, yes. And there are weekends now :slight_smile:

Siege, troop loss… the problem is global, so if you lose more troops due to absent buff, the enemy is in the same situation.

Whatever, I give up, not working buff is the end of the world, I see )


No, you don’t. You only get 1.5 glory per troop at max, and thats perfectly doable (easy in most cases) without the boost. The boost helps you get a good kill ratio.

I am not saying it’s the end of the world, all I am saying the issue was known for over 48 hours and they still couldn’t come up with the fix. And what’s worse, people who claimed it a day later had it working and those of us who did earlier did not.

So No, There’s a chance that the enemy in this situation had the boost, and I didn’t ? If you think this isn’t a concerning issue, then well no point of this argument.


The problem is not global. It’s only people that claimed the buff in the first 24 hours. My destroyer buff and rusher buff are both applied as soon as I claim them.


It is up to 1.5 lost troops, but not always. If with 1000 troops you kill 2000 troops, you will get 1.4k glory. Having buff you will kill more, so with 1000 troops you may get 1.5k glory. Same troops, more glory. Buff will make amount more close to the limit. The buff will not give higher glory only if all of your attacks give you max possible limit. If you are that lucky - fine :slight_smile:

As for concerning issue - read the first sentence. Again, I don’t think is fine.


@Arelyna is there an update? I’m seeing a 5% buff but should have 25%.


It’s not lucky, Just knowing your attack and enemy defence numbers. It’s not that hard. And it’s getting way off topic. All I was trying to say is, it is an issue… as long as you agree. Seems PG is not as concerned about it anyways :man_shrugging:


Can I just say this is some bullshit. I finished the line within 20 min of the season start, and expected to gain an advantage from it. Instead i basically just pissed away 50k badges that could of gone towards something else if I knew the staff was going to be this incompetent that nearly 3.5 days later nothing has been fixed and there’s been minimal contact from staff. Can you please just do you jobs and at the very least actually respond on feed to our messages and inform the support team what’s going on so they don’t respond like cockroaches with their head cut off. Thank you


All I can guess is we are being punished for being fast.

My sieger has +24 (%5) attack rating instead of +120 (%25) attack rating after the problem is “FIXED”. I do not want to calculate the amount of troops lost due to this problem.


I’ve been quiet but support won’t even answer. Ticket 1513120

I claimed this first thing as well and now I’m over 500k gp. I’ve lost a butt load of troops due to this.

How do you intend to fix and compensate for this issue?


I suspect the same way they compensated for spending badges late last season: Not at all.
You get screwed if you spend them early and you get screwed if you spend them late.


Ticket #1512306 Just in case. Support asked me to be patient as the solution :man_shrugging:


I tried to reopen my first ticket 1510643 since it hasn’t been fixed with ticket 1512628 and have been completely ignored. Well over 100k troops killed on my Taunter that is still only showing 5% boost instead of 25% boost.


I was also ignored after letting support know that only 5% was working.


They must have seen my post here as I actually got a response 15 minutes after posting even though 36 hours had passed since I had sent it in…


yep thats what we get for being fast. we lose more troops cuz slows have buff and we dont