Atlas Primarch Swapping Bug


I’ve experienced the same glitch twice tonight. Hitting with my Sieger, it gets wiped out before I finish my attack. I get to the battle results screen and it shows I’ve lost 7500 troops, which is odd, since I had less than that on my Sieger both times. Then I go to the battle log and it shows that I attacked with my Trapper. I’m positive I didn’t, but the first time my Trapper was at the same castle, so it was at least possible. The second time, though, my Trapper was at an entire different castle far away. Support’s response was to tell me that I attacked with my Trapper both times, as I could see in the battle log, which is where they looked. Ticket No. 1555770

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Attacked in the neutral zone?

Now a different support person is telling me the same as the first. So is this a new feature, that primarchs don’t have to be on the castle they are attacking?


If this was the battle I watched for a few minutes earlier (pretty sure I saw your name :eyes:) it was a pretty good size fight. I have had similarly stange glitches in high traffic zones including having my primarchs “superficially change” meaning the appearance of my primarch on the map might be wrong, icons get messed up (show 2 of the same), show entirely incorrect atk and def stats…etc. I don’t think I’ve ever had those glitches make it all the way to the battle report though; usually the glitch appears, Atlas crashes, I restart the game, and we’re good.
My experience in Atlas has been such that I have no reason to doubt you. I’m just holding out hope that the same doesn’t happen go me.
I Don’t. Need. Atlas. To. Be. Any. Less. Fun.:neutral_face:


At last support is being helpful. Haven’t gotten an explanation yet but they are investigating at least.


I had something weird happen last night, I put 7500 troops on my Destroyer and forgot I had moved it to Aligane, but that was not the issue. I woke up and I had half my troops missing and in the logs it shows I was attacked about 8 times. I had 140k troops and 7500 on my Destroyer. I woke up to 80,000 troops. I earned glory and had troops to revive, but how does 7500 troops end up 60,000 troops? I haven’t written to support because I already know what they are going to tell me. I know how many I had before I went to bed and how many were on my Destroyer but I found this weird.

Forgot to mention I did have my Trapper in Aligane before this but I originally had 150k some troops and I had my Trapper summoning before I went to bed. I had had two attacks and only a small amount of troops on him.


Were you attacked at your castle?


No all the attacks are showing Aligane.


Can you post SS’s?


Is your destroyer a L9 or above?
You loaded it up fully before going to aligane with 52.9k troops from the looks of it

(aka you typed 75,000 instead of 7500)


You can’t add troops in Aligane, you must have added troops first, then moved it to Aligane.

For all I can see it seems most likely you simply hit the slider or hit an extra 0 by accident while loading up troops, and loaded your destroyer with max troops. A costly mistake, but not much that can be done about it.


Yes Destroyer is L9 and no I checked it twice before I sent it to Aligane. It was 7500. I always check twice because of the slider.


I’m not calling you a liar, but your primarch was fully loaded when it went to Aligane. It didn’t just have 7500 troops.


I never said I put it on in Aligane. I said I put 7500 troops and forgot I had moved it there. Sorry if my wording wasn’t correct. Only meant I put troops on moved it and went to bed.


Well evidently but I did not and know I did not put all those troops on. I always double check because that pesky slider has done some strange things.


Oh well guess there is nothing I can do about it. Chalk it up to a big screw up or troops magically adding them self to my Prim. I did move the Trapper that was not the issue and it had the troops I put on it.


Just let me know next time you hit up NML with full troops and we are cool :stuck_out_tongue:


The text entry box for transferring troops is a menace. The way it adds a zero and then changes numbers on you… Sad that these littlest things can’t work right.


Did you try to put 7500 troops on and got an error message a few times?


PSA this is a real thing. It happened to me this morning as well. My sieger had about 2k troops on it. I was attacking an enemy castle. When the battle ended it showed I lost 7500 troops on my trapper that was on my home castle far away. Support said they are aware of the issues, so keep an eye on your battle reports.


So maybe I wasn’t losing my mind that I didn’t put that many troops on :rofl: