Atlas Primarch Swapping Bug


To follow up on why grumpy asked this, I’ve experienced that getting the fail to add troops message doesn’t mean troops haven’t been added. For example once I tried to add 4k to a prime, got the fail message, tried again, fail message again, tried again and success! I had 12k troops on my prime.

Just as a heads up, regardless of whether it applies to this case or not.


No I did not get error message and I manually entered the amount, so it wasn’t the slider. Just going to chalk it up to tired and user error although I always check how much I have on a Prim before I send to Aligane. So either I was losing my mind, was tired or ? Who knows to late now lost the troops.


Support never compensated me for this


I would send a follow up ticket.


This is still an issue. It happened to me again tonight.


@PGSqurl Have you all looked at this? Support never seemed convinced that this was a real thing, though I have no doubt, and clearly I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.


Yeah support blew me off as well. They said “The logs dont show the problem” and that was that.

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