Atlas Promos We Would Buy

With @PGAlgodon making the rounds again and coming up with Atlas promos we would actually buy.

I thought it might be a good idea to create a suggestion post under suggestions where we suggest ideas for packs we would be intrested in seeing.

Suggestive… i know :upside_down_face:

Lets see what everyone might be interested in…

Keep them semi reasonable and they might even see the spotlight of the store :hushed:

Ill start the bidding off with the same gold pack as before as i got alot of prims swallowing gold :see_no_evil:

500m at $49.99


Or just 1B at $100, so I can tap less.



20 Primarch Leveling “Tokens” (Token would cover gold and timers) $49,99
45 for $99.99


It may be too complicated to make. :disappointed:

While your at ur bring back H20 back to Atlas it’s really dry still and need texture fixes.

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I agree with this and miss spending time in those now dry areas… :cry:

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I want gold pack!!!

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Take my money !!

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Yes :raised_hands:

I like it although making a new token may cause problems…

Perhaps just a gold and timer pack would be a good work around :thinking:

20 days of timers + 100m gold type of thing…

At what say $20?

Will need a lot more timers for that price.


We can all agree with that…

PG seem to value thier in game rss at a rather extravagant rate…(Looking at current packs)

Lets try a diffrent approach how much is a resonable price for each of the in game items:

1k Instant troop summon =
1k Diamonds =
1 Day of timers =
10 Atlas Chests =
1 1m Gold pack =
1 Bullhorn =

Maybe if we set our expectations on what these items monetary value is it might help them create more concordant packs…

feel free to add to the list…

I dont think PG play its own game, when i see it costs 300k rubies for the missing 10k eggs for a new dragon and there are so many examples on this kind of insane prices makes me wonder just WHY? On this logic alone here it is:
1k Instant troop summon = 90k Diamonds
1k Diamonds = 30 USD
1 Day of timers = 10 USD
10 Atlas Chests = 30 USD
1 1m Gold pack = 5 USD and if you buy 10 is 70 USD
1 Bullhorn = 30k diamonds

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Lmao so this is what PG see these items being worth??

Was hoping to get what we see them being worth :laughing:

Watch out they might up the prices now :see_no_evil:


I think this is difficult because of the meta established but here is what I would say is “more” fair

Before I do values I do just want to say that Invader runs should be free to collect with Atlas Elite. Or at least the first 20 each day. No reason anyone should spend extra money and not get that as a bonus.

Here would be my one time per season special purchases:
Troops: 25k troops should be $9.99, 60k troops $19.99 and 150k troops $39.99
then 25k and 20 Atlas chests for $19.99 rest of season

Diamonds = 20k diamonds $9.99, 50k diamonds $19.99 and 300k diamonds for $99.99
then 20k diamonds and 20 Atlas chests for $19.99 rest of season

Timers= I think are tricky because of cross use with fort. I think they should increase the gold cost of prims and remove timers all together (or minimize to summon time) to level prims, should just need gold and XP

Atlas Chests = 20 for $4.99, 100 for $19.99, 225 for $39.99
Only offer as package in ROS

Gold packs = One time deal as previous and then after this get packs through diamond and chest packs

Bullhorns = Part of a pack (20k diamonds, 20 Atlas Chests and 60 bullhorns) $19.99, (50k diamonds, 50 Atlas Chests and 200 bullhorns) $49.99
After this seasonal pack should be (10k diamonds 10 chests and 30 horns) for $19.99


These all sound in the realms resonable to me and is the exact kind of input i was looking for.

Thank you for contributing :blush:

I :heart: this idea

And this one.
One time per season is a good concept.


If only PG gets the memo on how to be a salesman.

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