Atlas Proposal: Crusades Discussion Thread

Please discuss the Atlas Proposal: Crusades proposal here in this thread. This is the first draft. We’ll either make a second draft with improvements based on feedback here, or move on to another idea if the feedback doesn’t justify moving forward with this idea. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Is this in addition to the normal Atlas function? How often do the Crusades occur and how does it affect the current game play?

Yes. Please check out the “Starting a Crusade” section and “Infrastructure Changes” section for answers to your second question.

It’s better than the last proposal.

However, I don’t see how this matchup can be fair if someone’s 5TA contains a high level team (as often happens now).
I don’t like being forced to participate. Give the team the choice to attack or sit out a particular round.
The reward doesn’t seem very useful.
You seem dead set on a new currency. Yuck.


Why do we need another currency in this game?


That 5TA will end up paired with similarly strong 5TAs.

Your team will be able to choose when and whether to start a Crusade! You don’t get a choice if someone decides to Crusade against you… but that’s just war: you will sometimes have to fight to maintain your position.

Only officers will need to even know about Nails. It is essential for managing the castle upgrade economy. I don’t think it’ll end up causing you any heartache; I suspect most will be glad to not have timers on infra upgrades and to save their gold for Primarch upgrades and troops.


With me being an officer on my team it kinda means I need to know the reasoning for adding another currency to the game then if only officers need to know.

Will gold/timers still be an option for upgrading infra?


We don’t need another currency in the game. This is still a game not a job.


No. Nails will be solely used to upgrade infrastructure, and will work instantly.


:raised_hand:t3: Sounds good to me.

So far I’d have to say that I like this proposal. I probably need more time to think about everything, but sounds fun to me.


I get not wanting another currency, but I like that upgrades are based on participation and can’t be outright purchased.


Thanks. Could you clarify what causes the end of the combat phase? You have the VP mechanics, but is there a time limit for the end or kill all castle guards or all primarchs?

Also, if Primarchs are stuck at the Crusade castle, can they be resummoned and have troops added, even though the enemy is present?

If my 5TA has two teams that opt not to join, does that limit the opposing 5TA to 3, or can they still bring all 5?

The combat phase ends after 24hr.
Edit: Updated the proposal with a bullet to explicitly state this. Good catch!

If a Primarchs troops are wiped, it dies and is removed from the map like usual. It can then be resummoned at home, like now.

The opposing side is not limited by how many teams join in on your side.

Then it’s not a needed currency.

There is already way a saturated currency market issue in the main game. Don’t let that issue flow over into atlas any more.

Real life example: in the US how many stores accept both USD and euros? Answer is none, and there is a reason.

Follow the old saying of K.I.S.S.



  1. I didn’t see how long the Conquering phase was, how long does this last?
  1. Does this use castles already in Atlas? If so, what about those teams that have no castles currently, how will they participate? This seems like a catch 22.

Combat phase lasts 24hr; just added a bullet to state that. Sorry!

No. This adds a brand new castle to Atlas.

  • Troops on Primarchs die when the Crusade ends (their owners earn glory) Why? They survived the battle - why do they need to be killed off?

Team chooses to start a Crusade

  • Cannot start another crusade until the previous one you started ends

Only one crusade at a time? Meaning if we are currently in one we cannot declare another nor can anyone declare on us?


This just seems like an atlas version of a “war” in the regular game. It also seems like a large troop drain and castle guard drain on teams for what doesn’t sound like much reward and greater risk. Especially considering the possible difference in troop counts between teams. Just because teams are similar in “power” or whatever metric is decided to pick your matchup it doesn’t account for how many troops teams have. There are some players in atlas with more troops than entire teams or even possibly smaller TAs. Castle Guards take this one step further. If declaring team owns multiple T3s and a handful of T2s and they matchup against a team with a single castle this quickly becomes a war of attrition as the second team is at a severe disadvantage from that standpoint. How does that figure into this?

If a team is subject to a crusade will the other castles you own remain vulnerable to attack under the current atlas layout or are they protected as well? I can see this becoming a huge issue of choosing to defend the crusade or your other castles if you are under attack in both sides of this.

Losing infrastructure is not something I care to have to deal with. Our team and most here have worked long and hard to grow our infrastructure to where it is. It has taken years of hard work to get to where we are and one crusade can take some of that away if matched up against a team that has endless troops and refuses to sleep. :man_shrugging:t2:

Another currency? As the leader of my team I would like to hear more about why this is needed and how exactly it functions. What is PGs motivation to add Nails to the growing list? WD is already flooded with currencies and issues with the ones already here. We do not need another one.
While I appreciate the work you are doing to engage the community in fixing some of the main issues in atlas I’m not sure this is a reasonable solution.


This seems like one of the better ideas so far. However having a 24 hour pure assault defending or attacking might be a bit much🤔 I do like the concept I think.


So teams can earn castles through participation and earning nails… good way to get new teams into the market. So teams without castles can declare on each other, earn enough nails to “purchase” a new level 2 castle and then start fighting other teams that have castles?