Atlas PURGE event

Suggestion for a new Atlas event (PURGE) to encourage activity. Maybe for a set time (I.e., a few hours every few weeks), stop conquer ability, mask attacker and possibly castle ownership (to create anonymity), and allow free unrestricted travel, and have a free for all. With masked identities and masked ownership, there wouldn’t be any alliance implications, and you could hit anyone without fear of retribution.

To limit damage to anyone one castle, set auto bubble for all castles at 30k-60k troops or something.


I could finally hit my own team mates!


Yes, pls so they can finally listen to my comment about their base layout problem


The idea to mix things up is interesting. Politics can really make finding targets a chore.

But any event that is only a few hours long is not feasible - different time zone etc. it’s got to be perhaps like a war with 24 hour limit.

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Or the crusade where you have 1 your fight windows with 7 hours of cooldown

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Do it every six hours or something for one hour to hit all Time zones? There are ways to open it up.

Maybe make monthly monsters attack of the blackbloods would work to encourage activity once a month on a set day of the month told a week ahead. Where if wiped out the team loses the shield ability making attacks easier or giving use a use for the fortifications used during king of the hill.

Making it easier for castle take over or they conquer it and a unique shield goes up allowing the team a 24 hour chance to conquer the castle before others can try their luck at it.

:joy: Actually sounds fun! I like it! But why no conquer?

To stop the complaining and giving teams who cannot defend at that time a chance to regain it before it become fair game to all us other hungry players, without balance things tend to get removed this is to make it less cruel but still fun so PG may implement it.

Initially no conquer because everything is masked. Can you image accidentally taking over an alliance or 5TA castle. :flushed:

The knowledge of which castle is which is out there. Unless you’re talking about blind matchmaking or shuffling the board, anybody who cares to is gonna know whose castle they’re hitting.

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Okay, maybe it’s my old age but if you can actually remember even more than 10, then great but there is a whole map you can hit. You also miss the point of it being masked. It’s to allow for unabated hitting of any castle, anywhere on the board. The suggestion is based off the movie “purge” where it here is 24 hours with no laws.

Also, yes. I get your point that people can screen shot map etc, then more power to those that plan. I just think it would be fun so you don’t know who is hitting you and you can hit anywhere on the map.

Multiple more factors go into that

Oh I thought you meant access to every castle and only attacks would be hidden. So it would just show level 1 Siegers at your castle instead of name and team name except your 5ta of course.
Not sure I see the point in hiding castle owners

Make the purge once a month all castles accessible
Attack anyone and any team and remain anonymous with no consequences :+1:


And if you’re you’re getting lots of attacks, you know that you’ve been an asshole :+1:

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Yes, that would work. Just throwing options. Would make sense to focus on enemies, as there are plenty on the board if map was open.

This sounds fun! :slight_smile: