Atlas PvP disabled... Why?

Ummmmm… So, why is PvP disabled?

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Can’t believe nothing has been posted about this till now :expressionless:

Well it was disabled now they extended the shields without any in game explanation. Guess I’m logging off for another 3 hours. Unless they drop them early with 0 warning. Which wouldn’t be the first time.

Typical pg.

So be alert.

Yup. I intend to be online for who knows how many hours because they may just reset the clock again in 3 hours. Mad doesn’t come close

It has to do with lethadecent disbanding.


Just put an announcement in ur line chat with ur team to notify everyone as soon as it happens.

No need for you to be on… unless u’re farming.

Ah ya see. Herein in the problem. Unless you fly in while bubbles are up you will be stuck in nml with minimal chance to get into the castle because of the hideous atlas lag.

If you tap on an enemy, and hit attack, it will show you how long till Pvp. Right now about 2 and a half hours.

Right??? No heads up no explanation… just ghostly from PG. why can’t we at least get a forum post or ingame mail with a explanation :man_shrugging:

There’s the problem. Right now.

They’re fixing the servers…?

This is setting a precedent for bad outcomes on disbandings

Hahaha right :joy:

Just wish they would go to 24 hours and be done with it rather than moving I every 3 hours

It keeps some of the “suspense”. It’s a new feature. Mystery Atlas…will it be disabled? Try again in 3 hours to find out


For the real truth here’s a value pack with knowledge 2 seconds before they drop the bubbles early. For a mere $99 70% off buy now!

Is the $99 before or after the 70% discount?

After of course

Rip off! :joy: :rofl: :money_mouth_face: