Atlas QoL improvements

Here is a list of things I would love to see updated in Atlas.

  1. If someone attacks a team member in atlas a defence banner spawns to defend the team member. Nice!

But as a player we don’t know if one of our castles is under attack, if it was just an NML swap or if it was our team mate sniping. (Unless of course they write it in the chat )

It would be handy if the banner had additional detail. I.e if it is an attack at a castle we own it should also include the castles name.

It just isn’t very practical to scroll through 26 or so castles prior to the battle report being issued.

  1. Atlas map is a strategic view of the world yet all I can really get off it is the castles I own and the castles my 5ta own.

99% of the map is a mystery. Would be nice if we could tag castles as “friend” , “enemy” , “no hit” or “neutral”

And then have a way for players on a team to quickly cycle through castles in each category.

  1. Beasts - once their time counter ticks down to 10 minutes can they be greyed out and impossible to attack?

A few times a week I forget to look at the timer, kill a beast and get nothing because it despawned. Super annoying!!

  1. Increase the gold transfer limit to other players. It should scale like wood and food. It makes no sense that it is so small especially since I can send millions to the team bank and the player can draw down on the bank. Bigger player to player transfers eliminates wasted time.

  2. Introduce gold storage protection like wood and food. It is super annoying that someone can basically raid you to zero in a few hits. 20% of max gold holding would be fine.

  3. If a prim is currently under attack can it goto a red colour? Nothing worse than attacking a prim only to get nothing because a 5ta ally killed them a few seconds earlier.

  4. Could the map be broken up into “instances” to improve performance? During large attacks everything grinds to a halt. Many games instance off high traffic events on specialized servers to process actions before reporting back and reconciling those results with the server.

Ill add others as I think of them.


I think those are good suggestions. Question is when/will PG work on it.
I also think it would be nice to view someone’s base before attacking and who’s online/offline. Usually, you need to move your prim and then view base and it’s quite tedious when you’re doing multiple atlas runs.


Agree - a players level isnt any indication of their base power. Even defence rating is not a good indicator.

Sending them an in game message and then attacking the base in the normal game kinda gives them a heads up :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love a view base option!!


This seems to benefit mega alliance too much so I don’t think it should be the case


Mega alliances all use APIs and maintain side websites or LINE bots with various functionality to pull this data anyway.

I just think it would be better to keep it all in the game.

But I do agree mega alliances are an issue I just have no idea how to solve it.

Get a bot


10 minutes is too long, 1-2 mins is more like it

Love this!


I was counting 2-3m for the attack itself and 7m for server lag :stuck_out_tongue:

Easier to just check and not attack - I don’t want to be stuck unable to attack beasts for a 10 minute window when I want gold for troops
Also one of those things that are easy to avoid tbh instead of having PG tamper with it imo


Well gold mines never de-spawned so I kinda wonder why mobs need to in the first place?

I have attacked mobs with 5m on the clock and got nothing.

It’s very competitive in my area and 2,000 mobs are eaten up pretty fast - often there are no mobs 4-5 zones across.

Because they have levels, gold mines don’t - and the level of beasts impacts the gold payout you’re getting as well as the number of shards you’re getting, so makes sense for the ‘despawning/resetting’ to occur, even if at some rare cases it’s annoying

The 2000 beasts are per player iirc, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to there - you’re not sharing those beasts with other players


Maybe its a bug then?

Example of 5 zones about an hour before reset and no mobs in any player zone ( you can see mobs in NML zones as evidence I have not zoomed out )

Confirming I have not killed 2,000 mobs.

Do you even get any gold past about 30 mobs?

I agree but generally the mobs in a zone seem to be within the same 5 level range.

Does it matter if its a L18 mob vs a L23 mob? Gold and shards aren’t too different.

You only get beasts on regions where you own castles, or in SZ or in NML - it’s not a bug


Yeah, it does matter - it gives different values, the higher the level, the higher the payout

Payout from say a lvl 18 beast on a t3 is vastly different to payout from a lvl 35 beast on a lvl 5


Thanks Fiery that all makes sense now :slight_smile:

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  1. I like this idea
  2. Would rather not as the less stuff catering towards mega alliances the better. Just be like me and memorize a bunch of teams alliances and check passage. No bots required.
  3. As others have said 10 minutes is too long. But I’m still not a big fan of this change even with a shorter time.
  4. I’d actually say no to this, as people like Daedalus and other pirates don’t deserve nice things
  5. Not a fan of this idea either. Gold was always designed to be completely raidable. And 20% would be a massive amount of protection.
  6. Yes yes yes yes this is an awesome idea. But some possible issues with it. Will put extra strain on the servers, it would be useless when there is a full ring (and more) of enemy prims around a castle. That 2nd part wouldn’t be as bad if you then also make it viewable when you are in the primarchs tab in a castle.
  7. Elaborate more on what you mean since I’m smol brain like @Taco and don’t understand
    Numbers are messed up on my screen. If it is actually broken don’t want to break it more lol

The only thing I really want for atlas is to see the 5TA name next to the team. I don’t care about it to figure out if its an enemy or ally, I can ask or use a bot for that. But when there’s a 20 team battle going on, I find a prim I want to hit but then have to check if there’s a taunter, not only on that team, but their entire 5TA (which usually involves checking a bot and then scrolling through up and down the list). This would be much simpler if the 5TA name appeared in parentheses right next to the team name.


I didn’t know this was a call out thread.

I said I wouldn’t bully you yesterday, that time has passed

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I approve of all of these suggestions, and ironically, I’ve been thinking about making a thread about #5 for a few days now.

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