Atlas Question - limited content

I’m asking this question as a player who does not have Atlas but I’m worried that I’m missing out.

I saw in another post, someone mentioned events in Atlas.

Here’s the question: Is there limited availability content in which is only available in Atlas? i.e. Am i missing out on rewards buy this severe delay with rollout?


Not really.

What’s available in Atlas is either more of a consumable that we already have or exclusive to Atlas.

Event prizes can vary but usually include crafting shards for regular Atlas riders/gear, general speed ups, dragon rider shards for Atlas riders, sometimes scrolls for gear, etc.

You are missing:

  • 4 Dragon Riders (2 of them are really good in my opinion - the hunter and defensive)

  • Speedups from Event Rewards

  • Cool Gold Coins lol it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Go catch a leprechaun :four_leaf_clover:

  • Egg Tokens from the Daily Payout

  • Progression Time (Upgrading riders, gaining primarch(s) xp, dominating land, etc.)

  • Ability to craft gear for any dragon rider although Gearless Riders are better because you can move it but put gear on if you are sure the dragon equipped is going to last you for a very long time.




As Sumatan said, yes. Here’s what you are missing out on in the Atlas events:

  • A handful of Atlas-related content (rider shards, riders, keystones, gear shards, crafting scrolls)
  • 1-hour speedups in event personal achievement awards (the quantity of which get scaled back every event, it seems)
  • The added fun of fighting both wars and PvP Atlas events during feed/breed/fortification main events

Things like resources can always be earned, shards etc. Or am I wrong?

Have riders come and gone? Like the passed season dragons? Or are they still available and likely to be available?

In most cases yes. Gold and shards can be farmed by doing Invader attacks as well as doing well on events (shards only).

No, but getting them to a useful point is painstaking and takes a good amount of time. The 4 types of dragon riders are always available and achievable, and I’m assuming you’re asking if they will be available when you get Atlas (?); yes unless something is changed or new content is released.

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They’d better not make them no longer available when they finally get more platinum teams added to Atlas :rage:

So would I be correct in saying that the only thing that I have lost is the advantage that current users have? i.e. a head start

And speedups.

And egg tokens for those with islands - not event related so I didn’t mention it the first time.

There’s the opportunity currently to get up to 1,500 daily egg tokens in addition to team/league daily payout based on the islands you own and their infrastructure.


I think it would be in PG’s best interest to keep them, gives people more things to spend money on.

@UnseatedDonkey Apart from consumables available to everyone as @Gorg423 listed, that seems like it would be about it.

I’ve gotten and used a lot of speedups from Atlas… even after using a bunch in the last 6 weeks I’ve had it, I still have about 4.5k 1 hr timers left over…

And the defensive rider currently adds about 1 mill defense to my base.

Plus my team gets about 475 tokens a day… helps alot!

So yeah, you’re missing out. Hope you get it soon.


What @Shadelos said.

Defensive rider is a great bonus. If you select the skills to do so after leveling, the rider provides an additional 12% decrease in construction time on top of the current 25% reduction allowed by egg research. That added 12% seems insignificant until you see a Storage Hut upgrade drop by 4 days (approximately). It makes me feel less bad about not having the rest of the Green tier research completed to open the path to the final (Platinum egg) building time 5% reduction research.


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