Atlas Quests & New Teams

Tomorrow we will add a new feature to Atlas – Atlas Quests! We will be adding the following 9 teams to Atlas who are in Diamond 1-2 & Sapphire 1 to help test this feature on new Atlas users. I will list the teams being added at the bottom of this post.

This feature is quests system that is available after completing the tutorial and entering the main Atlas map. The purpose is to help give new users more context about Atlas and what they should be working towards.

The Feature

  • There will be a Hud icon on the right side of the screen used to access quests.
  • Quests will guide you through the very basics in Atlas.
  • Rewards are provided for completing each quest.
  • You can always refer back to previously completed quests for a refresher on the information.
  • For existing Atlas players, quests that you already have done which can’t be completed again will be ready for you to claim. An example for this is leveling your fighter primarch to level 3. If this is already done you will not need to do it again.

Future Updates

  • At the start only basic quests are available. We will introduce advanced quests in future versions.
  • We will add buttons on each quest that will take you directly to the place in Atlas to complete the action.
  • We will continue to make visual and styling changes to get the best player reception.

Main Quests List

Quest Details

New Teams to be added.


So are these 8 teams testing it or all of the atlas community ?

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Everyone in Atlas will have access in addition to the new teams. We are adding additional teams so that we can see how brand new atlas players progress.



:thinking: Are the cards a hint at new gameplay in Atlas or there for theming?

Do you want a War Dragons collectible/playable card game?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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im up for that. like this Guy’s licence plate @pgEcho


:beers: for 260 keystones, waiting for the right shuffle :tada:

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Completed all quests… now what? :woman_shrugging:


It is more like an extra learning feature for new players, that’s how I see quest…

Yes, that’s the primary goal of this feature. Ultimately I’d like to extend it to serve players with more Atlas experience too, but that’s not the most important priority for that group of players right now.

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Something related to infrastructure and bonuses might be useful when it gets to that point. The less curious people haven’t found the ledger button yet :see_no_evil:

And I think it will help server that purpose, and something like what forsci said would be nice also

I think quest that lets you check on bonus for each infrastructure is needed and then the quest completion will explain how it works for each one.

Quest: Refinery Bonus
Description: Go to your Land and check your bonus by going here and there.

Quest completed:
Refinery bonus gives you additional crafting shards for each element. The bonus only takes effect whenever you are in a region that has that specific element.

If you are on the region that provides wind element and that your bonus implies that you will get 200% bonus, then you will get 200% bonus shards for that element. However, if you have 0% bonus on dark element, then any region that has dark elemental shards will provide no bonus upon successful poacher attacks.

Click claim to complete the quest and proceed to the next one.

Or something like that.

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Something to note for the Quest that asks you to use the “Buy All” function in the Atlas Bazaar with the granted 260 Keystones:

You MUST use the “Buy All” button with Keystones for this to trigger.

  • Claiming each of the 9 cards individually will not trigger completion (and is actually more expensive in terms of Keystones than using “Buy All”)
  • Using Rubies to “Buy All” will also not trigger completion for this quest.

If you used some Keystones before being able to hit “Buy All”, you will need to accumulate 260 Keystones through Events in order to complete the quest the intended way.

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It’s 250 keystones to buy them individually, so it’s not more expensive

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I really like this feature, it worked well. I think it could actually do wonders for player engagement further down the line and could help with an issue or two such as alleviating (but it won’t solve) some of the gold economy issues.

Making this quest feature similar to the token mission zeppelin would be great. It wouldn’t have to be exactly the same sort of thing. Maybe after all the training missions are unlocked, you get some rotational missions.

So 3 types of missions:

Low mission - resets every 6 hours whether completed or not (contains different quantities of gold and shards of various colors) - missions are something like hit 3 poachers in 3 different territories or 5 runs on a gold mine or things like that.

Mid Mission - resets every 12 hours whether completed or not (contains more premium items, such as bullhorns and instant summon (like 500 troops instead of 1000)) - missions are a little harder, complete 5 gold mine runs in no mans land, complete full multipliers, destroy 500 enemy ships

High mission - resets daily, but not if started and incomplete (contains really premium items such as key stones, a high qty of gold 3m ballpark, crafting scrolls, rider stones) - missions would be something like attack 3 different enemy castles, defeat 10 poachers in No Mans Land, destroy 10k enemy ships.

I think this would give people something to keep chasing at in a Atlas. On a day to day basis, we would have something to do besides grind invader runs.


The buy all option didn’t offer a keystone option for the buy all @PGEggToken

I had sync issues when doing it. So I had to force close the game and it takes you back two steps or so and then I was able to try again. The game didn’t like keeping up with claiming all that shot.