Atlas Quests & New Teams



@PGEggToken Ryan is right, there is no scenario in which the Buy All option would be cheaper.

Also neither does the 50% discount work for keystones (only for the ruby buy-all), nor does it make sense to ever use the buy all as you always have a chance to get your desired item cheaper by claiming 1 by 1 and stopping after you got what you wanted.


@MareZ @PGEggToken Hopefully pg can make it something like 150 keystones for buy all :grin: to make it worth it.


I just claimed all of my atlas quest after 2 weeks of it being available because I didn’t know where to find. I think it is important to tell people the book icon on the right of the screen is Team Quest. @Gox1201 can you update your Atlas tutorial please.

What is a Hud? :woman_shrugging:


HUD is a heads up display.

It may have been a bit more correct to use UI in this case for User Interface.


@pgEcho @pgEggToken @PGDave after finishing all the atlas quest, what is next? Why is the tab still there if there are no new quests?


There will be new quests that will come :smiley:


I’ll credit some rubies to whoever connects me with whoever this amazing person actually is :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a time window for when the majority of players will have atlas? I been dreaming of a quest-like Event which integrates Atlas with standard play. Still tweeking. @pgEcho


Lol who do you need connection with? :flushed:


The person with the Atlas WD license plate.


too bad im not a Liar. i could use Rubies :joy:


I would ask for video proof :smiley:


I would have pulled him over thinking it was @PGDave :scream::scream::scream:


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