Atlas Rarity Question

Our we going to get a rarity above mythic gear in atlas? Or is mythic rarity is it?

Just out of curiosity :thinking:

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If you actually think PG is going to answer this you’re insane.

but, probably!

Hey, I’m just curious :man_shrugging::joy:

I want to know before I start lv’ing mine, then out of nowhere pg release a new rarity :joy: then I’m f

But honestly, do you blame me asking?:rofl:

I would bet on Exotic gear somewhen.


I just want to know when :sweat_smile:

Of course we wiil )
It is only a question, WHEN :joy:

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Probably they will give us another season and then release it , or probably two cause people will have half mythic next season

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That’s why, I don’t want to lv up any mythic gear yet* :joy: don’t want to waste shards at the middle lv’ing up mythic gear just to find out exotic is the following season :thinking::sweat_smile:

It depends on do you have defensive or offensive. Up until, at least, 500, when you have 10 top towers, one defensive is enough, so there is a reason to wait (if you just now collected all defensive mythic). But for offensive you need 5 sets, and if it will be like for mythic - 4 pieces per season, so 1 set half a year, I guess you are safe to improve some mythic sets, at least.

thats what they want you to do tho lol

if you hack into their local, you might actually be able to find those. :joy:

Always wondered why they didn’t release a new element… maybe with map shuffle, wouldn’t that be a surprise!


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