Atlas reclamation branch, similar to main season key reclamation branch? Or other?

Hello, I know there are many other things to work on In this game but never hurts to throw out ideas.

Anyhow, my thoughts are to be able to use unspent atlas sigil after season ends. I suggest we can do this one of 3 ways.

  1. Keep atlas sigil branches up for 24 hours after season ends without the ability to earn more chests or apply glory in the season. (Not sure if it’s easy or hard to code that since glory can be earned 24/7 in atlas)

  2. Simply auto convert unspent sigil to “Atlas Chests” or Diamonds

  3. Which i think would be the more complicated to implement of the three. Is to create a branch similar to the redemption line. With atlas chests as an option, gold, diamonds, bull horns, etc…but just a few options really, nothing too crazy. Could even just limit it to only troop building resources and not chests. But also this branch would only be open for a week or less.

Anyhow, what do y’all think? And I don’t mean the priority of implementing an idea like this lol :laughing:

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I’m not too sure what you mean by #1
2. I love it, even if those aren’t too valuable
3. Cool!

I think this should really only be available to those who finished all the branches though. Even though the amount of people who actually finish every branch is small, I still think that way. Giving rewards like these out to everyone would possibly just encourage hoarding since prizes get expensive as heck later down the branches.

Ah yea I can see your confusion with #1

What I mean is, at the end of a normal season, there is 24 hours after the event (and sigil can be earned outside of chests) to allow claiming of sigil. I am proposing allowing a 24hr window to claim prizes with badges once the season ends. Honestly 2 and 3 are probably better ideas.

I can understand that sentiment but likely if implemented, the prizes would be less than what you could earn at the top level prizes