Atlas Red Zone Squatters

I search red zones for glory. So many folks camp out with a single troop. I have to zoom in and check each one. Is it possible to have 1) a filter to screen out primes with under xx number of troops or 2) have a minimum number of troops (say1000) to be able to camp in the red zones. This would make hunting glory so much better. Thank you.

You should be able to search for those with more than 1 troop with the primarch finder.

The Primarch Finder is a tool that allows players to enter Primarch tier, Primarch type, and Player Level range to narrow their search for a worthy opponent. Simply enter your search criteria and pan across the map as the tool finds Primarchs that match your search criteria. You can then sort your search results by Player Level, Primarch Level, Troop Count, and Glory Payout.


I find the main problem with this is it is not limited to red zones. I dont wish to attack other castles, although I know some people don’t care. Maybe they could add a nml filter?

It only searches what you see on your screen. So you can zoom in on a particular red zone castle and it will only show Prims at that castle.


Ahh good point that will save me time. Thankyou

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