Atlas Reform - Easy Glory for Everyone

So I’ve been thinking. Atlas was really only fun when I was a pirate. I could roam around freely, hit whoever I wanted and the game was actually worth playing.


  1. Everyone needs someone to hit for glory.
  2. People are very sensitive about being hit and losing troops, especially when they have no one to easily hit back.
  3. Repeatedly being hit by the same people over and over for big troop loss sucks.
  4. Players on high level teams have a hard time finding decent glory targets hence the attraction of pirate teams.

My suggestion is as follows:

  1. Expand the map, about double the size.
  2. Create “AI” Atlas teams with castles, etc… on new Level 1 land.
  3. AI teams have castles with gaurds and primes with troops, etc like other real teams. They defend eachother, etc.
  4. Create new Level 6, 7 land for bigger teams, and make upkeep more expensive so it’s very difficult for any team to maintain 20+ castles… Make it exponential so the more castles you have the higher upkeep gets to be for all of them.
  5. Remove Glory scaling based on team level
  6. Keep Glory scaling based on individual player level
  7. Create cooldowns for individual players against entire teams… so for example, individual A can only attack players on Team 123 for up to 100k troops loss for 30 days.

What this does, is it makes it so everyone can hit someone for easy glory… even the lowest teams with newest players can attack the AI teams for easy glory. Obviously if you’re level 500 hitting someone level 300 you don’t get good glory. But if you’re level 500 hitting someone else level 450 you still get good glory regardless of what team you or they are.

It also makes it so no one person can bully any given team, they have to spread out their glory raids to other teams…or AI teams they can hit unlimited.

And it makes it easy for all teams to get a castle since it disincentivizes holding 20+ castles since there will be crazy upkeep costs.


or folks quit being snipers and boring and actually have fun on castles instead of holding and sniping constantly


people are only going to do what they are incentivized to do and follow the path of least resistance…

right now that is castle gaurd swaps and individual swaps, unfortunately.

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I don’t know. I’ve been hitting the same team for the past month. They have a few taunters worth 98-100% glory for me that they keep 30k troops on every day, for some reason. They haven’t even asked me to stop. I’m kind of liking things the way they are. :eyes:


oh ya? what team is that? coords? :slight_smile:


Sorry bud. That’s a team secret.

A bigger map, more lag no thanks. Why you feel like glory should be more easy? Allready easy enough the way it is.

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must not be for him lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also cooldown for players to hit a team? That makes a conquer impossible lol.


Yes it would have to be a team effort. Maybe increase the troop loss cooldown amount or whatever until it’s viable.

No one fights or conquers anything anymore anyways lol … they just want to snipe.

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No one force you to constantly reload prims as some teams do :man_shrugging: And if you have problems to gain glory or your Teams Hit List is low, just join a better Team.

Just continue be a pirate. Get all the goodies from season and not worrying about revenge or diplomacy.


Wow, it must be nice to be so oblivious of other people’s needs and struggles.


guess you have not looked at the 4s and 5s lately have ya?

it is easy

Interesting idea but I’d suspect the troop loss limit would cause complete stagnation in atlas other than teams losing castles to upkeep.

I’ll kill over 100k in a few minutes of a battle on the first night of a multi day or multi week siege to try to conquer a castle. Over a 30 day span the players hit would have revived those troops and built several times more new troops, so castles couldn’t be conquered unless teams all spend their troops on glory castles rather than defending their own (which I don’t think experienced teams would allow to happen). Or conquers now require the full participation of mega alliances to have enough teams to hit the single enemy to bleed their troops effectively.

Many Teams try to hold castles they are not able to defend. Put an nerf on how many troops can be killed will end up in a dead game.
I kill an average of 4m+ troops a month, what you think me and others will do with your stupid suggestions? Right leave game behind and find a new one.

That’s kinda harsh. :flushed:

What level are you? I suspect in the 300-480 range?

Its a lot more complicated at end game. Your target list is very limited. I don’t want to spend 20 mins finding a target to hit. It just makes the game too annoying to play. Level 500+ is best as a pirate if you ask me. Something needs to give.

You could find out my level quit easy…you are wrong i play D1 and be a 560.