Atlas Reform - no more worthless attacks!

One thing that I find infinitely irritating in Atlas is to attack many times in a row and always get zero glory! Minimal suggestions:

  1. When you select primarchs to attack, the menu should tell you if they are already in a battle. That way, you can choose to attack another one.
  2. If your attack was bot fast enough, the menu should tell you that the enemy primarch was already attacked by player X. This will at least let you know what the hell happened.
    Larger proposal:
  3. If you are too slow, you should get HALF the glory, not zero. This still incentivizes fast attacks. But it is no longer worthless to make a successful attack that is as too slow. Getting zero glory is a major turnoff! I have far better things to do than launch worthless attack after worthless attack!!!
    As it is, I seriously feel like quitting Atlas!

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You want a participation award on top of that?

But seriously…yes…0 glory attacks aren’t fun, but that’s what it is…if the troops are dead already, there is nothing you can do about. If it happens in Aligane…suck it up. It’s your choice to go there…you might want to reconsider your approach to Atlas. If it happens during a bigger raid…it’s to be expected…if we raid with a large group, I‘m more than happy, if 30-50% of my attacks count. We raid for a purpose, I hunt individually or in small groups for glory


He does get some glory lol its never 0 unless he hits 0 teams

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This is a ridiculous response. In almost every way, Atlas, as is, sucks. A lot. One of the big complaints (among several) about large castle battles is that they are a massive waste of time; from an individual standpoint, it is not a viable way to get glory. Yet PG would like there to be more fighting on castles. I’m sure then, that you can see the conundrum, and thus why the “suck it up because the status quo is fine” response is a particularly dull way of thinking. You might not like the particular suggestion to get half the glory regardless, but it does remain a problem that would be better solved. I know it’s fun to show everyone how good you are at telling people they suck. Would be great if you could show us how good you are at providing constructive feedback or improved suggestions too.


Ya they want more attacking, but they also want less teams vs team action, hence non major battles of 25 teams vs 1-5 teams, if you want glory, do just like dwarf explained, He has a good point. That he said, before i could find this thread and say the same thing.

This is the most important part, if you want individual good glory where all attacks count. Go hunt by yourself or with a small group of your team, vs another team, don’t show up with 25 teams and expect all your hits to count. Because you chose to contest with your 25 allies by choice.

Exactly why they want to destroy mega alliances, atlas doesn’t suck. The ways most want to do atlas sucks. Example, hey lets dominate this one team, lets get 25 teams together to fight them, does this sound like good gory for most? No, but have been taught, this is the way. I finish the whole atlas season prizes, because i don’t participate in massive attacks. I just raid with my team :man_shrugging:.

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I agree with this sentiment for one-on-one attacks. But in big castle dogfights, no amount of skill guarantees glory. Luck plays a big part, but it shouldn’t.


I’m not sure that giving good glory for failed attacks is wise but i do think there needs to be a better way…your suggestion of showing who is currently being attacked is good.
This nonsense of running attack upon attack with no benefit is garbage though. It’s also ridiculous to follow someone and get absolutely nothing if they 5 flame without needing a backers help. At least 1% of the attackers glory for the follow would be nice.

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That is what happens when you do massive raids with major alliance’s that would be your fault why the need for so many teams?with so little people its simply your fault for doing alliance raids if it isn’t a take over that is your fault not many castles turn anyways

It’s only a partial solution to your problem but it can be quite helpful in such situations: announce targets to your team/alliance in game chat

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So im sure its safe to say, you wanna lose 1% of the attackers troop loss out of your barracks as well? Because glory is based off troops lost and killed? If so not half bad idea, i guess, even tho, 1% is very small amount in glory or troops you would lose, but giving rewards for no risk or loss is unfair.

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You do realize, PG is against mega alliances, and trying to bring it to team vs team, not 50 teams vs 1-5 teams right? Simple answer, don’t do/join “big castle dogfights” and more than likely your attacks will count :rofl:. Or coordinate with your team by calling targets? Example: Kinda like back before atlas, there was a thing called wars that was the only thing to do . If more than 1 person hit same targets and 3 finish it, only one run counted as 5 flames. Rest got nothing, Same concept correct?


your totaly right but its ask lag free server and… its prety hard in some coords as like Aligane …

I can’t even go near there without my phone lagging, why people think that is the only red zone they can go too is beyond me, start another red zone hot spot maybe :man_shrugging:, but a suggestion that could be easily incorporated to cut down the amount of useless attacks and lag area. Thats a player made problem. Only thing i can tell or suggest about that. Start a thread and spread word of another red zone hot spot somewhere else. Im sure plenty of players would love another area to go too that wasnt as hectic :man_shrugging:

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well umm i use different devices and uhhh with Android yes your also right .
but i have no issue with some IPaD models… even in the aligane i have smooth gameplay :no_mouth:

Only some days if server has lag or if i have bad wifi :roll_eyes:

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My 2 ipads run nice there but fact is this shouldnt be 50 teams on a single castle period 1/5 :smile: if so your hitting at your own risk of losing troops. And also not gaining glory period that be your fault go alone or just team

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It’s not their fault, it’s PG’s fault.

When your team says go, you go. You fight. It’s not under your control, so these design flaws and technical limitations are something you can’t really avoid unless you quit your team or the game.

Even though I agree with the sentiments regarding attacking with 25+ teams that is not the only problem.

Even if you attack in a small group and the defending team brings in a taunter, who do think all the attackers will hit? Or when you are defending your castles against a handful of attackers and many of your teamates are online. How many attacks will count?

I really like the suggestion of showing some indicator that a prim is under attack. It is a horrible waste of time to do repeated attacks and have nothing to show for it.

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So, your a pawn on a chess board?

How is you, being a pawn to a mega alliance, PG’s fault. Dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

Its your fault, for not bringing trappers maybe, PG gave you 4 primes that all, have strengths and weaknesses, use them.

Maybe pay attention to who is hitting who, and not all just attack the highest troop counts? I don’t ever have a problem with this, and im glad if someone else kills them first, means he didn’t kill any of your teammates.

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The dumbest thing would be your response -blaming players for design flaws in a game.

Zero GP hits happen in a lot more than mega alliance hits. Of course, if you had a clue what you were talking about, you’d know that.