Atlas Release Party Swag Bag


A couple teammates were asking about the swag bag, so if more are curious, I uploaded stuff to Google Drive. The video is 55MB :scream: (use WiFi) and shows off the mug in a hot water “bath”, because it fades quickly but is pretty neat.

P.S. I’m on mobile, so hopefully this doesn’t break :see_no_evil: Also, curious people are Cheetos according to autocorrect. Nice meeting people, and Jameson is potent.


This stuff looks awesome. I wish I could’ve gone. How was it? :smiley:


I lost my swag bag during the party! So sad!


Could the Jameson have had something to do with this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excuse the assumption, but couldn’t you have gotten another one after the party? There weren’t any extras? :[


@Pixxel Please please please think about putting the goodies on your merchandise page for purchase, I so want that mug and that keychain!!! :pray::heart_eyes:


It was nice, a lot of PG and fans there; they had three stations to test out L312+ accounts with all the dragons. The two bars were very popular + some food, haha. We also found out CampusLifer’s secret identity, who is not a gray silhouette :wink:


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