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Is there a posted release date plan for Atlas? I know D1&2 are in so they could “test” the servers. I will actually applaud this bit of thinking. But why am I not seeing Sapphire teams being added now that there has been, 2 weeks?, since Atlas release. There has been enough beta t3ating to prepare servers so it all reality some level of preparation should have already been in place since PG knows how many people will be in Atlas eventually.


Up to sapphire 2 teams will be added on the 14 according to PG plan. But don’t hold your breath


Is this anywhere that is official from PG? And I don’t plan to hold my breath, I have seen how well that works with this game.


I think it’s posted in the beta sub-forum. Screenshot from a post of Echo


Also yes it’s been two weeks, but Diamond hasn’t seen actual Atlas gameplay yet.


Im knewly kn W bout this


Most of new diamond teams haven’t seen the game play of atlas yet (I myself haven’t either). So we’ll see how it goes when sapphire teams are added to the fighting pit


Not sure what you mean, as in the game play is not functional? Or that teams that are currently in Diamond now but weren’t 2 weeks ago also are not in, which I completely understand?


By what she meant is most of the new teams are stuck in safezone of new expansion area, and they can’t hit others yet so they haven’t figured out the game play of atlas so far


Well I see they aren’t in a big hurry with full functionality? Just trying to figure out when my lowly Platinum team will have a look at Atlas. I am guessing if everything goes good end of the year or January.

And thanks for the info on this. I haven’t been super active reading the forums since they moved here.


To provide a little more background to this process, we’re adding segments of the player population one chunk at a time instead of automatically by team rank because of the territorial limitations of Atlas. For instance, if you were in a D2 team at the time when we added that division to Atlas, and for some reason dropped out of that division, we wouldn’t revoke access (because in the end, we want everyone to have Atlas). However, there’s only so much space in Atlas right now to support a finite number of teams. If a new set of teams rose to D2+ each week, over a few weeks there wouldn’t be enough room to fit everyone, which would impact performance, and make for a really bad experience.

As we go through this process of adding more land to Atlas, and therefore more teams, the whole process will become easier over time – and ideally quicker – so that we can cover all War Dragons players in a few months.

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