Atlas research idea

I believe main game research is being added too quickly. I am by no means a small spender (although I doubt I can be classified as a whale) and I have absolutely no chance of keeping up. So I propose moving half (maybe most?) new research into an atlas line where team glory gets you points to spend. Then the officers of the team can spend it on what they feel is best. This line would reset every Atlas season.

It’s not really fleshed out but I don’t want to put more thought into it unless the forum community feels like it’s the seed of a good idea.

Edit to clarify. My goal with this new feature would be to remove new research from the research hut. Research is ridiculously expensive and this would make an Atlas focus more worthwhile for the active teams as well as give currently active players a tangible reward in the main game for Atlas activity. But the main thrust of my idea is to make research more available through sheer activity.

So similar to prim buffs but for the whole team? And what sort of things, e.g. castle related defensive+offensive or daily payout related or what

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More details would help


Troops killed please. I don’t like the idea of swapping giving you an even bigger advantage.


Could be a new use for guards…

And that’s a big disadvantage to those who have not had atlas for a long time to build up a mass surplus of guards such as newly qualifying atlas teams and those who choose not to follow alliances etc.

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No, and yes. Those already exist. I think they just stop releasing egg based research and move new research to Atlas. It would still affect the whole team however instead of just individual players.

I like this idea

So I thought about it on the way home. I believe it could be tied to the previous season’s team with the most kills. For example TopGun ends the season with the most kills. So next season to obtain all the research you have to get as many kills as TopGun got last season.

All in all I am trying to find a way to incorporate research without making folks use egg tokens which are already precious.


Hmm interesting concept, but I have concerns about the over time effect :sweat_smile:

What if a team has an astronomical amount of kills that no one else can match up to?

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