Atlas reset of lands

Bringing this up again as many Nay sayers have lost lands maybe they will be more keen on a full reset of all lands. Any abusive comments keep to self I won’t reply.
Send guards back to respective teams and let’s have a brawl is my thought


As far as I know, PG is still planning on doing a map reset. They want to change things so that no territories are more than a couple bubbles deep, and to do that they have to reset the map entirely.

The only question is when they’re going to do it.

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More than anything else, a way should be found to allow only 5TA alliances.
These mega alliances ruin the gaming experience.

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I’d expect them to arrange the map so that teams of like power are in the same areas thereby increasing travel distance to teams significantly more or less powerful. Maybe even go so far as to group teams castles together upon reshuffle. This would promote hitting of equal strength teams and decrease hitting down. Would also increase teams likelihood of being in a TA with teams of similar strength, especially if they increased the travel time required by natural map dividers (water for example) and/or increased the travel time of primarchs. Some definite pros and cons to that.

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Hope changes happen soon.
Atlas needs a shake up.

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A reset is just a symptom or potentially part of the solution. The map likely does not need a reset as much as it needs to be redrawn, which sort of acts like a reset I suppose. The incentives and values of things also needed to be adjusted, where your prizing is not simply based on a same strength season and where land values are so close that you can move freely between them and not experience any degradation in performance or progression. At the end of the day, the incentives matter much more than the mechanics themselves. As long as the core issues persist, you just have different gameplay and mechanics that essentially end up in the same place.

I think @PGNines was supposed to bring all this up for next season but that seemed to have died.


I reset does nothing to resolve the core issues of the game. It just resets it and it’ll be practically back to its normal stagnant self in a few weeks.

All it will do is significantly annoy those that have castes.

Let’s actually fix the true issues with the game


Where we stand from the last update, land will be reworked but not resetting, and crusades is the other big change coming.

Been a while since we had any update on it so maybe @PGNines can share if everything is still on schedule.

Lol this is the same debate again and again we have. Imo a reset plus incentives is ok. A lot of dead teams are holding lands and new teams are unable to grab any. Seasonal resets is a good solution for this. Do it per season and reward the entire 5TA for it

Which is why resets based on time periods would work. But it keeps game fresh

Both these suggestions, while never implemented, are honestly better than just straight up resetting the map, since nothing gets fixed that way, like @PandaWasHere says.

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Right…as painful as it is. I think we agree(?). Perpetual rewards is not the answer like how it is now. Keeping the exact same incentive structure and simply resetting is not the answer either.

Seasonal reset/respawn…whatever you want to call it works. But you need to massively overhaul the rewards as well as a lot of the mechanics. This is basically set up to be a team sport. Yet everyone is essentially getting the same prize or at least a prize close enough to make teams/people willing to not want to compete. It is like an entire game of watching teams tank their season to get a better draft pick, oh…and they also can basically get the championship or can acquire its equivalent through alternative means.

So, yes…resetting or having a rolling system makes sense, but that alone just moves the same issues around. Its like taking different paths to the same thing. If you are offered the choice of being drowned or burned to death, and you are sitting there saying…I would prefer not to die.

That is how most of the “changes” are, they are just a new route back to the same problems because those problems were never fixed. It is the old adage of “treating the symptom, not the disease”. That is this on steroids. You have massive cardiac failure, collapsed lung, multiple secondary infections…and here comes PG saying, we are going to just move you to a different bed…oh, and we are going to change the color of the bandages, that will help.

So, until the core issues are even remotely addressed, which could include some sort of reset AS A PART OF IT…nothing is going to actually change.

Right…you get all the same issues, but in a slightly different manner. I mean yes, each time you get to start anew, but it is the same core issues over and over, no matter how many times you “reset”. The only people who wont have to deal with those issues I guess are the ones who say screw it and move on.

That just sounds like an insane amount time and resources. I’ve played through multiple land grabs. Things grind to a half. Everything lags. When fights kick off they go on for hours.

Then the amount of timers and gold people will have to funnel in just seems like loads more chores to do every reset.

I would much rather there be reasons for people to fight and expand, or the capability for new teams as they are now rather than “all your work is meaningless. Back to the grind again”

Fix the problem. Not make people work to get back to the problem

Yes I’m aware of the number of rss that go into a land grab. I would rather something is done than it staying stagnant

Many teams will lose lands and gain lands. It hasn’t been reset or new land provided for about 2 years now. If they don’t do it they don’t. I’m offering my opinion as it will increase attacks per season in my opinion

Seasonal resets become a non-starter without a massive overhaul of…basically everything else, from stored resources, to conquer requirements, to combat between wildly-imbalanced teams.

The teams that already have the most money, power, and stored resources - i.e. the ones that people are complaining about - are the ones that can easily afford the attrition that comes with constant resets.

For most teams - and most players - those costs are just too high for them to maintain long-term.

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Its not only about land reset each season. The whole map needs a redesign or may be easier to create a new map. I remember there where many good points made by players to help PG with an good solution to all. Main problem on actual map design are those unreachable castles 14 bubbles deep. Every castle should be max 2 bubbles deap. Also may have to make 2 maps, one for Sapphire/Diamond, and an own map for the rest of Teams.
@PGEggToken are there any details yet on what will be changed and will it be ready for the new season?

Please do understand I want all tiers and leagues to speak out because at this point I am in a fix about how many lands Are up for grabs and won’t be a problem to take. I don’t want to be a bully to smaller teams but I know many teams that have level 5 lands that have NO business owning them on team strength. Reset it if want I personally want fairness and balance. Personally for the nay sayers. By the time it’s done you won’t have the strength to own level 2 lands let alone 5 and that will lead to more disbands I don’t enjoy disbands more good people quit game . Please come up with a solution instead of issues I know you all worked hard to get what you have. For me a full reset is a good solution.

Much of that gets fixed and becomes clearer if there is a larger gap between value of different level castles.

Let’s see what everyone has to say. I was hoping for a full and honest discussion. In no way is this a ceasefire.