Atlas Rider Egg Mission Guide

Hi guys on some other chat groups people have asked me to create a guide on getting 1,800 eggs per day.

This guide is not for experienced players or for players with plenty of eggs.

This guide assumes you are on an atlas team.

It does take a fair bit of time to build atlas egg riders ( about a year - approx 21 crafting events ) but there are a number of benefits.

-> 1,800 eggs a day or 54,000 per month
-> Strong dragons for assault and temple pvp and team dungeons.

Phase 1 build L3 Riders.

-This phase will take 9-11 crafting events to complete

-You need 5 riders, one of each element.

-Gear needs to be legendary quality minimum but you can mix and match refer this chart

Personally I find 4,000 - 5,000 combat rating points pretty achievable per crafting event.

For this step I would get my first rider and put it on Kinnara (wind) and level the riders gear to 9,000 combat rating (CR). This can be done in 2 crafting events.

Then get your second rider and put it on Aborius (earth) and level to 9,000 CR

Repeat until you have 5 riders one from each element at 9,000 CR

Once complete you can basically run tier 1-3 star missions concurrently.

This will get you 450 eggs per 12hrs / 900 eggs a day. I use some diamonds to speed up as needed.

Phase 2 build L4 riders.

This phase is fast and will take only 5 crafting events.

  • All we will do here is upgrade our riders gear from 9,000 pts to 13,000 CR. Aim for 4,000 per crafting event.

This will take our eggs earned to 540 per 12hr or 1080 per 24 hr.

As we can now do Tier 2-4.

Phase 3 - build L5 riders.

This phase is also fast and will take 5 crafting events.

We simply aim for 4,000 per crafting event and level our riders gear CR from 13,000 to 17,000.

Now they are maxed out and can do 3-5 star missions.


If you are short on riders you can get the 3 free atlas riders. Don’t use the defensive one as he can’t do egg missions when on a perch to give you the timer boost.

Each season 2 riders are offered - generally an offensive rider which pairs nicely with the mythic and a defensive rider that is usually trash.

I would get the defensive rider ( you only need to get 1 line to get the rider ) and load him up with offensive gear.

Note : this current seasons defensive rider is actually good for timer boost speed.


For me my biggest source of shards is from:

  1. Doing a rider line in full ( I typically do the base boost and dragon 50% discount lines on week 1 and then a rider line and one other line.

  2. Atlas lines - instead of picking gear scroll to the right and pick shards. I tend to make all of my own legendary gear and only buy the mythic gear in atlas.

  3. Small amount from mob farming.

  4. Small amount from atlas chests that you earn from time to time.


One thing with this approach is that you will sacrifice building your main offfensive and main defensive rider.

When I made my egg mission riders I would upgrade 3 pieces on my offensive main rider first and then the next 10 pieces would be on my egg rider.

I would recommend maxing your main defensive rider (Crom) legendary or mythic gear prior to building any egg mission riders.


It takes a while but egg token mission riders can bring in a decent haul of eggs per month and are a nice addition to your atlas castle eggs , daily egg tokens and of course egg missions.

1-5 star mission tokens can be attained in the atlas season lines and some players reckon they get enough in these lines so if you are atlas heavy you may not even need atlas egg riders.

These riders can be used in pvp temple raid on the guardians, assault and team dungeons as an added bonus.

Note : if a rider is on an egg mission it cannot also participate in these events so it is one or the other but still if you do all of these events you should still have 90% uptime in atlas for egg missions.

Note 2 : ( credit @Morreion ) leveling a rider from 1 - 50 also grants a small amount of CR each level.

Atlas riders - 100 CR per level (5,000 CR) *
Seasonal riders 50 CR per level (2,500 CR)

  • Bieber Twins atlas rider grants 5,500 CR.

I’m not mistaken it’s 50/level for season riders (2500 total), and 100/level for atlas riders (5000 total, 5500 for the Bieber twins).


Cheers - ill update notes above

There used to be this one chart that showed the order of element resets for the missions, I’ll try to find it

But with its help, you could probably cut down on the amount of gear you level up for this method if you target certain elements

Edit: Found it - no idea who made it though unfortunately

And great effort! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That chart is pretty cool - can definitely use it to optimize leveling of riders!

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Since the focus is rider mission, wouldn’t it be more useful to mix the level instead of rarity?

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Sorry not sure I understand.

Rider level provides 2,500 CR for non atlas and 5,000 CR for atlas riders .

From there you need to hit 17,000 CR on 5 different element dragons to do max 5 star missions.

( 5 star, 4 star and 3 star can be run concurrently)

Mixing and matching gear is fine. Some of my riders have a few epic pieces mixed in. Mostly they are legendary with occasional elite gear.

Nicely thought out and presented post that benefits all Atlas players. Thanks!


I believe the stats mentioned in the picture (OP) is max level for gears (lv 5 for rare, 10 for the rest)

Therefore, some non maxed level for gear can help as well (just divide the number with the level).