Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

Back when Atlas rider buffs were first proposed, I voiced my concern how that would essentially devalue the Seasonal riders. I have purchased 3 riders and all of their gear, having it in mind that stats equivalent to maxxed rare Atlas gear is worth spending sigils on, considering how hard it is to get gear in Atlas (so I have heard).

Now I see yet another Atlas thread about Atlas gear being buffed, with no mention to Seasonal gear.

What’s the deal?

This was what I sent EggToken after he mentioned Atlas gear buffs some weeks back:


Seasonal gear was mentioned, specifically it will not be getting buffed.

Please also take note that rider gear acquired in this season and previous seasons will not be buffed along with Atlas gear. Future rider gear in season will have its power selected individually and will increase versus previous gear, but the existing seasons gear will not retroactively be buffed.

I also mentioned this here:

And it’s basically not really worth getting the ‘Veteran’ rider, though that’s obviously up to the individual.


I was buying a pack every week and saving rubies for that Veteran rider. I stopped buying packs after I saw there wasn’t even a Fire based prerequisite dragon for the otherwise useless Fire based gear.

Now this “buff Atlas riders but not seasonal riders” shenanigan is making me never want to spend in this game again. How much more does PG want to put us players behind who aren’t even allowed to step foot in Atlas?


Unbelievable… though why would we be surprised?? Just widen the gap some more


I was never going to go for the Veteran rider but yeah it sucks. I have Grogg + gear, Kayla and Oksana and I was halfway through getting her gear. I’ll not be finishing that line anymore, I’m not wasting anymore sigils on something I can get easy enough later on.

I, kind of, feel sorry for the teams warring their way up to Plat 1/Sapphire for a chance to get in the next rollout. They’ll end up facing teams in Atlas with those buffs, yes there may only be 1 defensive rider at the minute, but the buffs to the offensive riders will also make a difference. If they end up in a league with mostly Atlas teams they’ll be sure to feel it.


So will you when competing in resource events. Those buffs are ridicoulus and i have no defensive rider to offset.

My thing is what about teams that for whatever reason drop down to plat 1-2 that have atlas…now we’re warring teams that have potentially huge advantages?

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The reality is, even NON Atlas teams will be affected.

In my opinion (having Atlas), this proposal to buff gear up to 80% is NO GOOD for anyone. Hopefully enough people in and out of Atlas will try to dissuade PG from implementing this.

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I agree non-Atlas teams will be affected. It’s just those in leagues with a lot of Atlas teams will feel it more. It will be even harder to recruit than it had already got for starters.

As much as PG call Atlas an add-on, it doesn’t hold true, the gains from partaking in Atlas are too much and affect the core game. Teams wishing to be even slightly competitive won’t do well without decent participation in Atlas.

You don’t dissuade PG, PG dissuades you.

While I think Ro’s input was a little too Boondock Saints for a public forum, the sentiment is spot-on.


That is the best solution imo.

Anyone can flag, and I believe when it receives a lot of flags it is automatically hidden.

are you fricken kidding me, season veteran gear 1k$ or a bit of work in season for 25%, crafted 10k$ or a YEAR of hard work(1 set of armor) for 80% and you think thats not fair?! Not even HRV would probably pay that kind of cash.

I never said unfair. I said it isn’t good for the game or balanced.

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Even balance, it wont affect 99% of people but its something to WORK for; unless you’re at least level 400, its doubtful youd be seriously going for this gear, and forget about paying for it, it costs an arm and a leg to get even 1 piece. The only viable way to get this is through working and grinding.

No one is asking for the Veteran rider or any other Seasonal rider to be given Legendary stats.

Right now, Seasonal gear is at the same stats as maxxed Atlas rare gear, we just want that to remain being the case if PG decides to buff Atlas gear. How much more of a disadvantage should those of us who aren’t allowed to have Atlas yet be put at?

Even weaker teams in Atlas would need their Seasonal gear buffed if it is that hard to craft gear without being in a strong, multiple land owning team.


How rude! My last comment was deleted, and there weren’t any bad words in it. Someone with power is clearly watching…

I get why they’re saying it, but for the difference in effort to get the gear, there should be a difference in power. Having a dozen riders you got in season without any trouble, shouldn’t have the same effect as armor that you had to grind for a year to get, no one will do that if there’s no motivation.

Does it take a year to grind for Rare gear? I bought packs and finished rider lines instead of dragons because there was value to having gear with the same stats as maxxed Atlas Rare gear. The proposed changes will now make my gear equivalent to base Common gear. How long does that take to grind for?

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Getting riders in season is trouble; it’s a choice between a new dragon that will be better than any of the breeders, but still not the best, or getting a rider that we were promised would be decent even in Atlas, which isn’t going to be the case anymore. Not everyone can grab every dragon and rider and whatever else branches they put out there in one season.