Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


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Justifying this! @PGMichael, @PGMyth, @PGpog, @PGPulse, @PGSqurl, you’re all employees, say something! I know you saw this, I pinged your names and you got a notification, and your profiles say you’ve been on the forum and commenting, so comment of this! I’m not going to let this go.


Correction, the free gear from Atlas tutorial quests cannot be upgraded and are not included in the atlas gear upgrades (I’ve been told by pgecho) so they’re not equivalent to the 10% crafted common gear.


Yes I’ve been told they’re not included.


Yet any other common gear which is still extremely easy to grind for will be included in the Atlas gear upgrade. Funny how they didn’t mention that the quest gear won’t be upgraded in the post detailing said upgrades. Now we are told via a player who was told in private by a PG employee?

Thanks for the update Grumpy, but this whole thing still stinks just the same.


Yes I totally agree and told Echo the same.


I’ve already commented on this. My comment before was on a “Proposal” and was titled as such, that post never said the change was happening and should have always been taken as a proposal not “this is coming in this exact form”. I always try to provide information that I have ahead of time because players always request it. The downside of players wanting information in advance is that sometimes plans change. I did not account for the team releasing a Veteran rider and don’t control the seasons gear. Live games are changing daily. I can always just not provide any information until features are launched as well. That way you don’t have to worry about it.

Too late to keep Bazaar? Or Please improve Atlas Chests

The dissatisfaction is with the effective nerfing of seasonal gear to become common equivalent. Which for the majority of the player base just continues to alienate those with atlas and without.


Wow what a cop out. The proposal you originally made is the same one which is about to be enacted. It’s not just a “proposal” at this point, it is becoming reality. A reality which included a promise if it were to be pushed forward. It even has the exact same buff percentages as was originally proposed.

If you can’t hold to your promises and make things right, maybe you should get an employee in here who can?

@PGMichael ?


Pretty sure that is a completely different department…


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Just a proposal? Looks like the exact same thing as what is now being put in place, is it not? A proposal which is now being enacted which came with this promise:

Releasing a Veteran rider has nothing to do with breaking your promise. Give the Veteran gear an extra 8%/8% then. Most people can’t use it anyway since it’s Fire based.


Who is the person in charge of Seasonal gear that I should tag? If Echo has no control over this, then what gave him the authority to make that promise to begin with?


How would you feel if everyone had access to a veteran rider line for 8k sigils would you go after Terris then? Would you have the motivation to put in the work for it?


I am not talking about the veteran gear, I am talking about the previous rider gear which a promise was made in regards to.

Happy you are working on your Legendary 80%/80% gear. I am sorry you feel threatened by seasonal only players getting the 20%/20% gear they were promised.


Your “Proposal” from two months ago is becoming “Reality” now, and within that “Proposal” there was no “excluding seasonal gear” from it, so by that framing, the “proposal” included season and atlas gear, not just atlas.
So, the problem I’m having is not that we are being told about “possible future proposals”, my problem is that something that we were told would be “Good” is now “Not Good”. I still remember in the streams when the riders were being released how much they were being hyped up as something worth getting, how they would be useful even in atlas, how they were equivalent to Maxxed Rare Gear in atlas. And now they’re not.
My problem is that you guys don’t think that we who don’t have atlas put in just as much if not more effort to get enough sigils to get these seasonal riders’ with their gears (because only the riders’ first page is discounted, not the page with the gear on it. We pay full price for those) instead of the seasonal dragons (which I’m sure atlas people got because they can already get riders from their lofty perch above us).
You have devalued the seasonal riders, and THAT, is where my problem is located at. Not that you told us about proposed changes, but that you then took those changes and excluded the seasonal riders from it.
That, is the problem I have with this whole thing; the devaluation of something we invested in, because we knew atlas was a far away dream for us, so we took what little you gave, and then you took it’s value away as well, leaving us with nothing. And the line between atlas and not atlas increases.
If you want to make the seasonal riders worthless, then give me the seasonal dragon I would have gone for had I know this was going to happen, then I’ll let this go, but I won’t forget it.

And, in response to your last little speal; Sure, don’t tell players ahead of time about massive changes being made, because people who invest time and money into things love being surprised and won’t complain at all.


I’d be freaking thrilled, regardless of whether or not I wanted the rider or not, whether I had access to many riders or not. I’d be happy, regardless of whether or not I got it or not, that something good was available for everyone to have a chance at, because I’m not a petty douche who feels threatened when good things happen to other people. I become petty when bad things happen to people for no apparent reason by other people.

Forgot to address the motivation part; yes, I’d feel extremely motivated, because there would be a chance of getting it and still getting other things as well, rather than the no motivation I would feel if it was so far away that it would seem impossible.
Possibility is what motivates people, not impossibility.


not the point im trying to make and both of you are dodging the main question, would you go for terris if there was an equivalent rider/armor available for 1/10th the investment


That question is pointless. The gear I already paid close to 20k sigils for (each set) is supposed to be at 20%/20% when the Atlas gear is buffed. If Veteran gear takes two dragons as a prerequisite, then the buff for that should be higher than 20%/20%.


Why the heck not? Can’t have too much of a good thing, right? Atlas is still far away for most of us, so I would have gotten the veteran rider had this whole debacle not happened. And once I get to atlas, I would think how nice it was that I could get something worthwhile so soon.
As for the atlas perspective, while I can’t speak for them, I don’t see how it would harm them if other people could get something good, unless those in atlas are petty about it.


The question is actually very valid and is a direct representation of the issue you’re complaining about. Right now there’s 0 incentive to forge atlas gear because of the veteran rider gear, none at all. Because atlas people can just sit and wait for the element they want to come around and not bother with all the work associated with forging and leveling.


The way I see it is, you are happy to see your Lexus being upgraded to a Ferrari, yet you don’t want to see my Kia upgraded at the same time. That’s just petty.