Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


If you do quit let us know if you have success at a refund. When I started playing WD I loved the concept. I joined a great team,and learned alot,but when I started reading the forums it’s went down hill.


Here is the problem I have seen…and I have a hard time saying this. Riders in Atlas are hard to level at times BUT to some degree you can grind it out a bit. This “veteran” season rider is one you have to spend for, there is no way around it.

How is it worse than the Atlas one? I just don’t understand how that works…I like the Atlas one, don’t get me wrong but if every thing you release is inferior and a portion of the game can’t access it. Feels like they are being forced to the lesser choice and there is not really much they can do about it.

As far as the gear buffs go. Hard call…spending vs what is achieved in the game. I don’t know that the solution is to just make the gear better or worse in either arena. I think the best solution is to fix HOW players can access Atlas.

Not sure the causality but Atlas has had huge rendering issues since all the new teams were added, if adding people means it breaks then that is pretty pointless. That needs to be fixed and teams need to be added. If they cannot survive, that is a different story but they do need that chance I suppose.

The concept of the buff is good but I do think it is going to cause a good deal of imbalance issues…the problem I see with letting it get too strong. If people spend/work really hard and get it, then PG nerfs it you are going to get anger as well.

This one seems to be walking a really fine line.


Hey @pgEcho , the Gears that I had previously forged, they did not receive any buffs. The values are the same as before. It’s normal?


The gear from the quest is a maxed common gear, which according to PG will be buffed to 10%. Now maybe they have plans to leave that specific set as is, don’t know how they will go about that unless the code for that set is already different to begin with.


Thx for the response. So if they do buff the quest gear along with the rest (common Atlas gear is common Atlas gear, would be surprised if they don’t), then I spent last season getting two sets of gear and no dragons for something I will essentially get for very little time and effort once I have Atlas.

Aside from that, it doesn’t sound like it takes a whole lot to grind Common sets anyway. Certainly not equivalent to a whole season worth of spending and grinding events.


I think Echo said that this has to do with the flying primarchs update rather than an issue with overpopulating the server.

Yes, I don’t think PG can go back after they buff it. I might be wrong but i’m almost certain this proposal got mostly negative feedback when it was first presented, and PG went ahead with it anyways, shows how little they listen to their community.


Not at all, ask anyone who has atlas, they probably have a ton of common pieces laying around that they don’t even look at. The free gear set that I got from the quests, I already salvaged it on my main account, is not even worth spending rubies to remove it off my rider.

Btw full disclosure, I don’t have a single seasonal gear set, I’m not arguing in favor to buff them for my own sake, it just seems like pure bullshit from PG.

Hey @pgEcho you never answer?

I’ll ask again, will there be a consistency in the correlation between sigils needing to get the future riders and their buffs compared to the ones in the past? You said is fair that 19k sigils is worth 1 common gear set in atlas so w/e the future riders may be, they should be in sync with the old ones right?


I feel the same must be the case for many players with Atlas, otherwise there would be more people posting their condemnation against PG breaking their word on this.

I appreciate you seeing the bigger picture, we are all players of the same game and shouldn’t allow deceptive practices of any sort to take place. This time it’s the Seasonal only players getting screwed, next time it could be anyone who doesn’t spend $1000 a week.


Hey, @pgEcho, quit ignoring us, we know you can see our posts, and we know you can read, so answer for your lie!

Answer this lie! Justify this one to us; you told us the seasonal gear would be just as strong as it’s atlas Rare equivalent, and we believed you! We got riders and gear over dragons because you told us it would retain its value! ANSWER US!

Justifying this! @pgEcho, @PGJared, @PGCrisis, @Arelyna, @PGCoffee, @PGDave, @Jalex, @PGEggToken, @pgDin, @PGFeds, {to be continued}, you’re all employees, say something! I know you saw this, I pinged your names and you got a notification, and your profiles say you’ve been on the forum and commenting, so comment of this! I’m not going to let this go.


Continuing my last post:

Justifying this! @PGMichael, @PGMyth, @PGpog, @PGPulse, @PGSqurl, you’re all employees, say something! I know you saw this, I pinged your names and you got a notification, and your profiles say you’ve been on the forum and commenting, so comment of this! I’m not going to let this go.


Correction, the free gear from Atlas tutorial quests cannot be upgraded and are not included in the atlas gear upgrades (I’ve been told by pgecho) so they’re not equivalent to the 10% crafted common gear.


Yes I’ve been told they’re not included.


Yet any other common gear which is still extremely easy to grind for will be included in the Atlas gear upgrade. Funny how they didn’t mention that the quest gear won’t be upgraded in the post detailing said upgrades. Now we are told via a player who was told in private by a PG employee?

Thanks for the update Grumpy, but this whole thing still stinks just the same.


Yes I totally agree and told Echo the same.


I’ve already commented on this. My comment before was on a “Proposal” and was titled as such, that post never said the change was happening and should have always been taken as a proposal not “this is coming in this exact form”. I always try to provide information that I have ahead of time because players always request it. The downside of players wanting information in advance is that sometimes plans change. I did not account for the team releasing a Veteran rider and don’t control the seasons gear. Live games are changing daily. I can always just not provide any information until features are launched as well. That way you don’t have to worry about it.

Too late to keep Bazaar? Or Please improve Atlas Chests

The dissatisfaction is with the effective nerfing of seasonal gear to become common equivalent. Which for the majority of the player base just continues to alienate those with atlas and without.


Wow what a cop out. The proposal you originally made is the same one which is about to be enacted. It’s not just a “proposal” at this point, it is becoming reality. A reality which included a promise if it were to be pushed forward. It even has the exact same buff percentages as was originally proposed.

If you can’t hold to your promises and make things right, maybe you should get an employee in here who can?

@PGMichael ?


Pretty sure that is a completely different department…


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Just a proposal? Looks like the exact same thing as what is now being put in place, is it not? A proposal which is now being enacted which came with this promise:

Releasing a Veteran rider has nothing to do with breaking your promise. Give the Veteran gear an extra 8%/8% then. Most people can’t use it anyway since it’s Fire based.


Who is the person in charge of Seasonal gear that I should tag? If Echo has no control over this, then what gave him the authority to make that promise to begin with?