Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


How would you feel if everyone had access to a veteran rider line for 8k sigils would you go after Terris then? Would you have the motivation to put in the work for it?


I am not talking about the veteran gear, I am talking about the previous rider gear which a promise was made in regards to.

Happy you are working on your Legendary 80%/80% gear. I am sorry you feel threatened by seasonal only players getting the 20%/20% gear they were promised.


Your “Proposal” from two months ago is becoming “Reality” now, and within that “Proposal” there was no “excluding seasonal gear” from it, so by that framing, the “proposal” included season and atlas gear, not just atlas.
So, the problem I’m having is not that we are being told about “possible future proposals”, my problem is that something that we were told would be “Good” is now “Not Good”. I still remember in the streams when the riders were being released how much they were being hyped up as something worth getting, how they would be useful even in atlas, how they were equivalent to Maxxed Rare Gear in atlas. And now they’re not.
My problem is that you guys don’t think that we who don’t have atlas put in just as much if not more effort to get enough sigils to get these seasonal riders’ with their gears (because only the riders’ first page is discounted, not the page with the gear on it. We pay full price for those) instead of the seasonal dragons (which I’m sure atlas people got because they can already get riders from their lofty perch above us).
You have devalued the seasonal riders, and THAT, is where my problem is located at. Not that you told us about proposed changes, but that you then took those changes and excluded the seasonal riders from it.
That, is the problem I have with this whole thing; the devaluation of something we invested in, because we knew atlas was a far away dream for us, so we took what little you gave, and then you took it’s value away as well, leaving us with nothing. And the line between atlas and not atlas increases.
If you want to make the seasonal riders worthless, then give me the seasonal dragon I would have gone for had I know this was going to happen, then I’ll let this go, but I won’t forget it.

And, in response to your last little speal; Sure, don’t tell players ahead of time about massive changes being made, because people who invest time and money into things love being surprised and won’t complain at all.


I’d be freaking thrilled, regardless of whether or not I wanted the rider or not, whether I had access to many riders or not. I’d be happy, regardless of whether or not I got it or not, that something good was available for everyone to have a chance at, because I’m not a petty douche who feels threatened when good things happen to other people. I become petty when bad things happen to people for no apparent reason by other people.

Forgot to address the motivation part; yes, I’d feel extremely motivated, because there would be a chance of getting it and still getting other things as well, rather than the no motivation I would feel if it was so far away that it would seem impossible.
Possibility is what motivates people, not impossibility.


not the point im trying to make and both of you are dodging the main question, would you go for terris if there was an equivalent rider/armor available for 1/10th the investment


That question is pointless. The gear I already paid close to 20k sigils for (each set) is supposed to be at 20%/20% when the Atlas gear is buffed. If Veteran gear takes two dragons as a prerequisite, then the buff for that should be higher than 20%/20%.


Why the heck not? Can’t have too much of a good thing, right? Atlas is still far away for most of us, so I would have gotten the veteran rider had this whole debacle not happened. And once I get to atlas, I would think how nice it was that I could get something worthwhile so soon.
As for the atlas perspective, while I can’t speak for them, I don’t see how it would harm them if other people could get something good, unless those in atlas are petty about it.


The question is actually very valid and is a direct representation of the issue you’re complaining about. Right now there’s 0 incentive to forge atlas gear because of the veteran rider gear, none at all. Because atlas people can just sit and wait for the element they want to come around and not bother with all the work associated with forging and leveling.


The way I see it is, you are happy to see your Lexus being upgraded to a Ferrari, yet you don’t want to see my Kia upgraded at the same time. That’s just petty.


The Veteran rider gear was given the stats it was given based on the Atlas gear buff which is coming. If the Atlas gear buff wasn’t being anticipated when the Veteran gear stats were made, they wouldn’t have made them double of the previous rider gear stats.


I’m not being petty, I want proportional reward for the work going into the game…
You’re getting something 90% off and complaining it’s unfair that PG is changing the value to around 60% off(maybe only 20% if you really wanna go by common gear)
@pgEcho The changes are the right thing to do for the overall health of atlas reward system, the issue more comes in the means for which to obtain the shards. Besides the only ones really going to be affected by the change are the highest tier of players level 300+ minimum. Once implemented I’m sure they’ll be happy not in the interum because it is true there will be imbalance, but not in the way they think there will be. The imbalance will be that for a period of time the players will mostly be divided into 2 camps, those with offense gear and those with defense gear. Or in other words those with Super Bases, and those with Super Dragons; this will likely take around a year to balance itself out to the point that its no longer a significant factor in wars. But as with many of the changes implemented there is a great population of players that will adapt and be all the better for it at the end of the day.


If I am getting Common gear at 20% off, then I guess it makes sense for PG to keep offering 10%/10% gear at the same sigil cost in future seasons, right?

Yeah, lets see how many people go for that after learning of the Atlas gear buffs.


They’ll likely do power creep with the season rider armors eventually, but likely not the 90% discounts you’re used to seeing.


So glad I never spent a single sigil on season rider gear. Sooooo relieved…that by comparison this amount of relief can be expressed in direct proportion to the amount of fury and frustration arisen in all those who DID burn their sigils to the ground buying gear that, once upon a time, was promised to hold/maintain relative buffs tracking smoothly up (or down) the “value per required work effort” curve of any future released gear… only to be told after the fact their investment is now infertile.

Edit (save button/fat fingers issue):. Am I right to assume this is the feelings of the majority?


or go for atlas teams…


Yes @pgEcho you gave us a “proposal” which by the way it shouldn’t be called a proposal because it very clearly got “rejected” with tons of negative feedback and you still went ahead with it. Not only that but you made it worst than what the original proposal stated.

But Echo, I’m not holding you on the comments you made weeks ago, in fact lets forget that you ever said that in the past and take a look at a more recent comment you made yesterday,

Now echo if this is what you truly believe, than please just confirm my statement from any of my previous posts

If the amount of work to acquired a set from both sources is already balanced, than my question shouldn’t be hard to answer right?


He can’t answer it because there will likely be power creep that is out of his control. If he says yes, and power creep comes then people will jump on him again, and if he says no then its the same thing. Your question just puts him in between a rock and hard place that he can’t satisfy you in


Damn look at that, you finally got something right, kind of…

Reason why he cant answer is because he perfectly well knows that if they release a common gear set for the same price of previous seasons or with buffs but with a proper price increase that’s in correlation with the older price, very few will bother getting it, specially those with atlas. Let me go ahead and quote you something from yesterday

This is exactly how most atlas players feel about common gear, no one will bother with it.


When atlas is fully released everyone 100+ will likely have access to it, those below 100 will want the rider and gear because its a better long term investment than a dragon that will be obsolete before they can expert it.


So many things wrong with what you just said… but im really not gonna try to explain you again today bud, just wait and see next season, ill guaranteed you riders will cost roughly about the same with much better stats. GUARANTEED