Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


yea thats called powercreep, next you’ll be saying water is wet


Those below 100 can rarely get a full season line without spending or a lot of grinding, so they will have to chose between a dragon that will help them through the rest of the season (and longer if they get many stones) or a rider + gear that isn’t worth it especially if they don’t have a dragon to put it on. Or getting the first page of a rider and half a dragon, neither of which will last them long. Of course there will be those that spend a bit and can get two lines, but they’ll soon get past level 100 and have Atlas making the season rider gear worthless if it stays equivalent of max common.

Recramon there are some things I agree with you and others I don’t. But the way PGEcho phrases this:

Makes it sound like either (a) if the sigils cost stays the same we can expect max common season rider gear or (b) future season rider gear will gain a buff and therefore a sigil cost increase.

I am aware neither of these may be true and we won’t know until next season. My guess is the cost will stay the same, maybe a slight buff and the first page won’t be discounted.


God behold can you teach me how to get one full legendary set per 2 months?


This will be the best outcome, that doesn’t negate how people feel about using their sigils on a rider instead of a dragon these past seasons. The current season riders will last them a while then be relagated to dragons they rarely fly.


I think a lot of luck :joy:
He may be an outlier but it will happen now and again.


This is why is hard to tell you things, you keep throwing stuff out without no concept of what it means, or how it will apply in-game. Yes powercreep is perfectly acceptable, an example of it is dragons each season get much stronger for about the same price, but a sapphire divine released a year ago, will still be equally strong than a sapphire divine from this season. But for real last time I’m replying to you tonight xd.


I really don’t want to get off topic anymore, this really has nothing to do with getting legendary gear in 2 months, for the sake of the attention that this comment is getting, I double checked, I’ve had atlas since late jan, so is more like 3 months and 2/3 weeks. Yes I didn’t double check the exact time before I made that comment, apologies, it really had nothing to do with the common gear argument.

and to be honest is not hard, get every single bazzar drop of over 500 scrolls and see how many scrolls you will end up in a month, if you don’t want to use rubies just go for the 800+ drops. i have slowed down on spending rubies for scrolls now, but since the last crafting event my main account has gotten 2000 scrolls and my alt has about 1000.


To a point this is equivalent though. A 10% armor bought last season will still give the same 10% a year from now. Only that season will have 20% armors for sale for the same price that are much stronger, making your older armor feel outdated by comparison.

The main issue with these armors is that the impression was given they were a much better long term investment than dragons, especially for lower level players. Because the dragons will cap out before players even reach top levels, and the armor will still be good. This was reinforced by the armor rebalance threat stating that any rebalancing would also be done on the sigil-bought armors.

Now this has changed, and it looks like seasonal armor is about as useful as seasonal dragons, meaning it’s something you buy for the next 6-12 months and don’t really expect to use competitively after that. This is pretty harsh to the people who already bought seasonal armor, and for me it’s definitely a reason not to invest my sigils in armor now, even if the dark armor matches my main lead dragon perfectly.

And of course it stings a little extra because a small part of the population with Atlas access getsfree upgrades, making their “crappy” common armor the equivalent of 19k sigils.


I actually think of the following few things:

  1. Watch them adjust seasonal rider gear stats accordingly in the future.
  2. Seasonal stuff have only been nerfed, I don’t recall a buffed example.
  3. New atlas gear buff is mostly irrelevant/beneficial to most, whatever stats they buff it to. If you don’t go nuts on atlas packs, grinding does give some shards but compare to what’s needed, you will want to work with your team to get a land, secure some more castles and level them up first.
    Beneficial part: easier to grind common/rare gears are much better now.
    Irrelevant part: no money no easily maxed epic sets, let alone maxed legendaries. It’s a lot of money required for even relatively heavy spenders and not getting any timers or tokens from these packs, aka no progression in main game. So if you don’t do that, whatever the stats is, it doesn’t concern you. As Echo pointed out, less than 20 people have maxed legendary set in game atm. If you’re competing against them, you probably have something close; if you aren’t competing with them, maxed legendary gear set stats don’t matter.

In other words, only what your everyday opponent have is relevant to you, realistically speaking. It doesn’t matter what’s available in game. What your opponents have dictates what you will need.

But, of course, emotional needs such as feeling like missing out is another type of need, another issue.


Last crafting I used 30k scrolls and only got 4 pieces.


wtf tony… no, just no go report PG, unless you were going for 4 pieces worth 500 which btw I got the shield on the second try and spent about 3500 on the staff, so 7 tries?


Does that work?

At this point I can say… Tony has the worst luck in War Dragons. Stay away from him…


I doubt it, actually, I know it wont happen.

Tony you can craft a common gear set within 2 weeks worth of events shards without a castle, maybe even less, you can even farm level 5 castles during events where shields are up. We are not talking about Legendary/epic or even rare stats. The old seasonal gear is equal to the new common atlas gear, do you truly think common gear is as much of an investment in time/money as whatever people paid for oksana’s armor?

Your point of view is the following, (correct me if I’m wrong). As long as your direct opponents don’t have the advantage (people in your league) than is completly fair. Is that right?

  1. Watch… I think they will. Watch for the sigil cost vs stats in the future compared to now. It’s too early to conclude.

  2. I meant it more as from team standing point… if my team just got atlas, I would probably forget about gears and raid the heck out of the mines to build troops and level up castles. They don’t conflict, I know, but I tend for be able to only do one thing at a time if I need to do it well.
    For the compasiron to Oksana, see it this way:
    We used to think that riders are inter temporal and invincible to future game progression in itself. At this very moment of transition, the rider gears are like divines, they will stop being useful after their last “evolution stone”. These rider gears will be a lot less useful after their time runs out, yes. But you get use out of it before the time runs out.
    Secondly, in atlas, you get nothing but the gears. In seasons, you spend sigils, get rider, get gears, and a lot of goodies. I think you wanna factor in those goodies in the evaluation instead of comparing gears only.
    Thirdly, the ease of maxing seasonal riders seems like a huge benefit to me… how many troops do you have to kill to max one? Too much work for my lazy butt… if you’re not lazy, consider it a sweet convenience.

  3. Let’s make an example. If the best player in game only has maxed rare gear and I’m competing against him, why would I have to have full set of maxed legendary? To smoke him better? That becomes a personal desire instead of an actual need to compete.
    It’s just a realistic way of seeing issues like this… whatever your opponent has, you have to come close to compete.
    If I’m in gold IV, i probably would never spend to get to lvl 400. It’s non sense. Why do I do it if I don’t need it to do well?
    Please don’t quote me as I’m saying it’s completely fair… honestly in an absolute sense nothing is completely fair. For example Being older is also an advantage on average because you probably have more disposable cash if you’re 40 years old vs a 14 years old, again on average, even though whether you spend it in this game is a different thing. I don’t like that fact either but … let’s not get into a rabbit hole that no one can come out alive


Don’t feel bad, Tony. I think mine might be even worse. :joy:
But one thing is clear. @Napk1n is obviously a Golden Child :raised_hands:


One thing I will say. If I had just bought Oksana’s gear, I would be PISSED at this point. I don’t care how you look at it, they have significantly devalued that gear. So those who bought it a week ago thinking they were getting a Ferrari, now have a Honda. (Ok, they thought they were getting a Honda and now they have a Pinto) lol

Terris’ gear has been devalued as well, but the reality is that the number of people with Atlas gear equal to his is very small and the amount of work/cost to get to it is very high, so he remains a pretty good value. And they announced this in time for people to take this change in value into account before getting him.
(I still won’t be getting him because I don’t spend enough and I don’t have a decent fire dragon to put him on, but that’s another story :joy:)

I still think they should have kept to their promise, though. People made decisions in past seasons based on that, too.


This is the only thing I disagree with. 78k sigils is not a bargain at all, and once the buff takes effect, a lot more folks with Atlas riders will have better than 25% even without “full sets” of gear. A few legendary and a few Epic leveled up to level 3 or 4 should easily beat 25% after the buff.

I just checked, my level 90 who has Atlas for 3 months or so and is FTP has 3 legendary pieces level 2 and 3 and 6 epic pieces level 1 - 6. I work a bit at hitting poachers and trying to do well in events to get shard rewards, but other than using collected rubies to grab a really good bazaar pull if i don’t have the blue thingies saved up, I would consider myself below average in my shard and scroll collecting ability.

Without spending on shard packs or gems , I can’t equate what it would cost to buy my way to, say, 4 pieces of epic and legendary gear to level 4, but I cant imagine that it would cost nearly as much as buying enough sigils to hit 78k sigils for a set of armor at 25%


I don’t have Atlas yet so kind of curious if you would share your gearing strategy. Did you pursue common and rare gear prior to buff? Does the buff change what gear quality level you are pursuing?


You’re correct.

A) You get a whole common set for accomplishing a very simple ‘Quest’ very early on when you get Atlas access (but it can’t be upgraded).

B) Common pieces are the majority of what ends up being crafted, and crafting one set can be done in a single crafting event.


I’d be interested to know what the Atlas guys will do regarding the season riders going forward. For example how many of them would not bother with the veteran now, that might have done before this buff.

Didn’t PG say they may not do veteran riders again?