Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

  1. Okay…


First let me say that I think your opinion is bias because you complete an entire line in a week, the effort/money you spend is completely out of line with the majority of the player population and the decisions that most players make aren’t even a thing for you to worry about.

Lets roll back a little, the entire argument about a team just getting into atlas, whether they focus on gear or not is beneath the point. Atlas is a huge advantage as is, you cant argue that, with this changes atlas will be a much bigger advantage than it already was.

lets compare two players, both level 100’s (around the level of my alt), both are fairly active in the game, they have elite but don’t spend money on anything else for the most part. Now this players can only get about 30k sigils per season on their budget gameplay.

New season comes along and we have a great selection, we got Necryx, Spindra and grogg.

Player 1 Atlas: Will be able to get token bonus, Necryx, the first page of the rider, and since he has atlas he will probably be able to snap a mix of common and rare gear on it with ease.

Player 2 Non-Atlas: Will get token bonus and the first page for the rider, now he has to make a choice, will he get necryx or will he get some gear for his rider?

The only way non-atlas players will be able to get gear for their riders, is by either sacrificing not getting a dragon that season, or by spending money. Atlas players get shards and scrolls by default and there is nothing else to spend it on anyways.

Actually in atlas you get a good amount of timers from doing the events to get the components for the gears.

This is why I think your opinion is extremely bias, you don’t need to sacrifice something in order to get the seasonal gear because you will likely finish every line anyways.


No tony, this is a pogression game, do you know how many players will be disheartened to play after learning that what they have work hard for, others of their same lvl or lower can get it much easier simply cuz they have atlas? Regardless of w.e league some1 is in, there shouldnt be infinite cupcakes for diamonds while platium only gets the leftover scraps.

Im aware the higher the league the more $ players are spending, but if we keep treating lower leagues like shit, we cant expect this game to grow anywere near its full potential.


I think this is statement is pretty biased in itself by thinking the way I obtain = the only way I know things.

Your word against the quote you quoted me about being biased feels pretty biased, napkin.

Look, You’re basically saying if you spend a lot, if you in Diamond, if you this or that, then you know nothing about the disadvantage and problems in lower leagues and your opinion is biased. What you’re saying might be true for some, if you think all who spend knows no pain of grind, you are biased against people who do, without a doubt. I think the golden stage about this game is before sapphire tier.
The last quote above does not look like a statement in direct relation to my last point but rather something you would say with or without my third point.

Have you heard of Tomi Lahren? Hopefully we can be more Trevor than Tomi when looking at things. Enjoy the vid


This is the type of bias that Napk1n is speaking of. If you are a big spender in a high league, then you might be out of touch with what it takes a minimal spender (still spending though!) in a lower league to finish a Season line. Elite only players in Platinum can generally only finish 1 line in an entire season.

Up until last week, I was buying a $20 pack every week. I was getting up to the 450 sigil prize every event, my team got 1st in every event up until last week. I started the season with over 100 gold chests that I saved from last season. Right now I have 7 gold chests.

All of this, and I currently have 20k sigils, I haven’t spent a single sigil yet (man do I wish I got the egg token bonus now).

The prizes that come with season riders are equivalent to the prizes we get in any other line. The reason we chose to get the season gear, was because we were told by Atlas players that it was the way to go, maxxed Rare gear is of decent value and it will last us longer than dragons. Now that will no longer be the case, our gear is essentially being nerfed to Common by Atlas gear getting a buff while ours isn’t.

Tell you what, give me the dragons I could have been spending my sigils on and take back the gear. Then I will call this whole mess “fair”.


Well ain’t this some serious backtracking :joy:

Basically just went from the entire year or hard grinding to well yeah 2 minutes but have to use resources and requires “some” grinding :thinking:

I think your missing the entire point btw!

And to something that can be obtained free, by simply just playing which we are all doing anyway lol I don’t care how you twist it, Nothing is cheaper then free!
I don’t care if you do save all your chests and use them all on super Sigils to get it at the cheapest possible route it still isn’t cheaper then free lol


Yeah… I don’t think napkin really responded to my thoughts as much as to just having an opportunity to say what he wanted to say all along with or without me further…

Rec is very clear about what he thinks and he made it clear he only goes for the best and is a spender… (can dodge rage drain) so he might be a little biased in his clearly defined personal endeavor. But I don’t think instantly assume if you spend a lot, you do not know how other people feel is quite wrong. If somebody got rich from very poor, his disconnection after getting rich will be a lot less than those who experienced otherwise. Just because people got to know him after he got rich doesn’t mean it grants them a natural right to doubt him as one of those “rich idiots” who only knows the world of fancy ness. Just trying to alert a bit here about the negative sentiment towards spending as a whole.
There are idiots in spenders and there are idiots in non-spenders. Let’s focus on the content being said rather than throwing the tags around.
Napkin got a full set of legendary in 2 months of free playing, while I spent and got like 1/4 of a legendary set. I didn’t say a word of being unfair just because he didn’t spend and got good gears, right? Maybe the luck is better if you don’t spend, who knows? I just don’t immediately look at the play style and blame on that, (in response to napkin) instead I try to stay away from thinking that way. Spending or not is not the core problem here.
Besides… “not spender” camp going against “spender” camp is PvP… it’s not like we are gonna buy gears for each other. And I’m not physically preventing you from getting a retroactive buff… we can talk


No, thats not backtracking, getting the armor is 1% of what it takes, thats the easy part, leveling it is the costly part. That year calculation is LEGENDARY gear maxed out, not common.


And as we’ve said multiple times throughout this forum, we’re not talking about LEGENDARY gear (legendary gear is irrelevant to us at this point) We’re talking about COMMON and RARE gear, the later being what we invested in, the former being what we are given now.


Napkin got a whole set of legendary gears in 2 months… I wanna be as irrelevant as him…


It seems to me that the people who are making this “spender vs. non-spender” are the one’s who are essentially arguing that it’s ok for PG to not follow through on Echo’s word, and that we should be happy with our Common gear that was once considered Rare value.


And napkin was making this too… those rider and those gears are of my possession as well, if they get better what’s the harm for me? Nothing right? That’s why I was a little dissatisfied by the response from him, for the point I was actually trying to make.

This buff change came as a surprise, also the rearrangement of the rider area of effect. I don’t devote less time playing this game and learning about this game.

Back to gears, I think rarity is just a label, like spender or non spenders. What’s important is the seasonal gear buff stats.

Do you have a specific stats number you would like to see them changed to? I feel like things would be easier if we don’t talk about rarity.


I am Curious if it was ever mentioned anywhere that it was equivalent to Rare before and common currently. Seasonal gear has not been nerfed.
Also as easy to say what we do, you simply ignore that seasonal lines give “EXPERT” rider.
Its very convenient argument when seasonal gear is not nerfed in the first place.
Now you may come say we don’t have atlas. Neither do I. I made an alt and jumped onto an atlas team. What i get from atlas rider is +3% dragon attack and +3% dragon hp.
The remaining attack and defense boosts are at the END of the line. From all i know, experting Atlas riders is probably an insane grind in itself.
The free gear that we get can’t be levelled up and has boost of +5% atk and +5% hp for full set.


I spent my sigils on Tor and Kayla’s gear at the end of last season with the understanding that if Atlas gear was to be buffed, Seasonal gear would be buffed equivalently. I don’t even have dragons to equip that gear on yet.

If I had been told “no, Seasonal gear won’t be buffed along with Atlas gear”, I would have spent my sigils on dragons and I wouldn’t have continued telling teammates that the Seasonal gear is of good value and worth getting.

We don’t have to talk about rarity, but I would like to see the equivalent % buff as Atlas gear is getting, as was promised.


Also, keep in mind what seasonal riders mean as a whole - prizes + expert rider + maxed rare gears. When we make comparison, we want to compare fair too, other than asking for fairness to oneself.
Again, I’m not against it as I have them. Great if they all get buffed. The implication is:

  1. Everyone who got those seasonal riders would have the same buff. Means you will have, and only have advantage over those who can afford less seasonal riders than you. It may get you closer to those who have atlas, but it will widen the Gap between you and those who couldn’t get as far as you. In that case, you will be in a position to defend yourself against them in another thread, if they create one like this. It’s the same thing as those who you’re going against here, essentially.
  2. Those atlas buff change, rare and commons seems to be the focus here, have PG mentioned they won’t lower the chances of getting gears? I didn’t see it anywhere saying that so what do we know :eyes: (just a guess because things seem to change all the time here)


The problem with seasonal gears is that they were never given a rarity. They were only given stats that “comparable” to a certain rarity. Hence I wanted a number from what you think is fair.


Ok, I’ll say Seasonal gear hasn’t been nerfed, atlas gear has just been so un-nerfed super upgraded that it makes seasonal gear pretty much garbage. Has that?

Here, it says:

And now a post from 4 days ago:
Continuing the discussion from Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates:

Continuing the discussion from Atlas Crafted Rider Gear Updates:

By everything listed in these posts, seasonal gear, which was once better than atlas rare gear, but is now right at common; it went from better than rare to just common.


Seasonal gear has been compared to Rare Atlas gear since Grogg was released. Echo himself compared it to Rare Atlas gear when he said:

Comparative value to Atlas gear is the reason Atlas players told us the Seasonal gear was worth getting. If the gear was comparable to Common Atlas gear at that time, then that advice probably wouldn’t have been given.


Ah it one thing to argue about should and should not. But if echo promised something… oops.


I will say it more clearly. PG never announced it was equivalent to or better than Atlas rare gear. It was player consensus from numbers.
And of course atlas rider at expert is better than seasonal rider. Whether or not you know, i know quite a few players in even Diamond and saw far and few players with close to expert Atlas rider. Seasonal rider is much more simpler to upgrade. There is no glory involved at all.


Yes and it was because of that promise that I purchased gear for elements of dragons I don’t even have yet. If Echo has no control over Seasonal gear, then why was he so quick to make that promise? Now anyone who purchased gear after said promise has been deceived.


The rider itself is of no consequence. People could have gotten just the riders and waited for Atlas to put the gear on them. The gear is the issue here.