Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


OK, pg “never” announced a “rarity” for the seasonal gear, but what they did do was post its “stats” and then post atlas gears’ “stats” and showed how the two “compared” to each other, and “amazingly” players could then make “comparisons” of the two posted “stats” between the “un-raritied” seasonal gear with the “raritied” atlas gear, and by those “comparisons”, players could then say the the “un-rarited” seasonal gear was “just as” or “almost as” good as the atlas “raritied” gear. Does “this” help you to “understand” how players “made” comparisons between the “gears”?

And sure, seasonal riders are easier to level, but we are then investing in a rider over a dragon, while atlas players could just get the dragon, and work on the rider they could get from atlas, which non atlas people can’t get, because they had to choose between a dragon or a rider, while atlas got to choose a dragon or a rider while still knowing that their place in atlas meant they could get a rider of the element they wanted and could then put it on the dragon from the seasons.



And yet another instance of the promise being made, and the gear being compared to Rare Atlas gear by a PG employee. Thanks for finding that John.


@John16309 @Obfirmo You can’t condemn someone for reassessing a situation as new information becomes available to them


I just want to say, for me, it’s not about the rider. I actually think the rider itself (not the gear) is a good deal, especially if you get all the shards.

Not a direct reply to Luffy:
Just for information on where I am and why I was irritated by this change. I buy approximately a $20 pack every event. This is the first season where I’ve been saving chests for PvP events. I had over 400 bronze chests and enough rubies to open 100 gold chests during King of the Hill. I actually didn’t open them then and waiting until breeding, because I didn’t want more siege weapons etc. Up until last week I had got the Egg token bonus and Oksana, I started claiming her gear last week. I got to one prize before her gloves, so I have her plate, helm and boots (3 pieces of armour). The plan was to finish her line during breeding and save the rest of my sigils until I decided on a dragon. I know with a bit of grinding and spending I could complete a second line at a push. Instead with this announcement I used the sigils to claim the dragon I wanted, I’ve finished the entire first page and have moved onto the second. I regret getting Oksana’s gear as, personally, I’m willing to wait for Atlas or take a chance on next seasons rider and gear. This may not be the right choice for everyone, but had I have known about the current Atlas buff/non season buff, I would have used those sigils somewhere else. Now I will finish off the dragon of my choice and not spend the rest of the season.


A promise is a promise, especially when it’s one that people base their spending off of. They could (should) hold to it and then make the Veteran rider gear 28%/28%. Or keep it at 20%/20% and unlock the line from having prerequisites.


I searched in forums, and WD blog but never found there to be any comparison. I concede if there was a comparison.

As for investment of sigils:
I don’t have atlas on this account myself and have an alt made sent for checking atlas very recently.
Personally, i am very clear that i have to choose between dragon and rider. I got a pathetic lev 10 grogg since i didn’t have sigils. After that, I have all the other 3 dragon riders at expert without gear . I decided to go for dragons more because somewhere far ahead in future, i would have gears from atlas sometime. But i still regret not getting Grogg and its gear because i couldn’t afford to it even when it was whole line 50% off. But that’s just me, since i started in fall '17 , i couldn’t get him either way.


Here’s what you’re saying:
Judge Obfirmo: you sir are sentenced to death based on the evidence
lawyer runs in
Lawyer: Sir I have evidence exonerating the defendant!
Judge Obfirmo: Doesn’t matter a promise is a promise! It’s the chair for you!


Right there is your comparison as made directly from a pg employee.

I started in summer '16, before they did seasons like this. I didn’t get Grogg because he was still a new concept for us, and I had played long enough to know that pg has a habit of changing things after released, so I got a dragon (Necrxy) that multiple people said was good, while no one was saying Grogg was good.


Wow your arguments just get worse and worse. That has to be one of the most awful analogies I have ever seen.


Do you not know how a trial actually works? A judge may be called a judge, but in most cases (in the US) it’s the jury that declares Guilty or not Guilty; the judge gets to decide whether the jury gets to hear what part of different testimonies or evidence is revealed, but otherwise it’s actually the jury that says guilty or not guilty. And the jury here is saying Guilty.


In addition, the gear itself says Rare… it shows level 1 but can’t be upgraded, just like the maxed common set you get from the tutorial


and again you both completely miss the point :man_facepalming:


And what was your point? Don’t condemn liars for lying? Be happy with mediocrity? Suffer in silence so long as you aren’t personally affected?


To not condemn a person for changing their mind based on new available information


No I didn’t, this is a game, not a murder trial. I already explained how the Veteran gear issue could easily be rectified while still holding to the promise which was made.

To say that the previous Seasonal Rare gear (as John so brilliantly pointed out) can’t be buffed because they made a Veteran rider is not good reasoning. I think you must know this and are probably trolling at this point.


FTFY :wink:


I just read Echo’s post in February’s in its entirety.

This is a topic that both sides have a solid stand on. Not that those who’s asking for a seasonal gear buff is inarguably correct, whether it should still is debatable, like it or not. But Echo has spoken in Feb. I think you guys can drop the should or should not debate now. It’s a matter of honor the words or not honor the words.

If it’s a fresh decision, I lean a little towards not buffing anything except maybe Oksana as it’s still current season.

FYI, I don’t have Oksana so it doesn’t benefit me personally, just in case people try to assume things again in order to have something to argue.


So if they buff Atlas gear but not Season gear, will they also change my gear to say “Common” instead of “Rare”?


Ok, let me try an analogy, see how you think.
A man’s wife is found dead. The cop says the husband did it.The man confesses. He goes to court. The prosecutors brings up the evidence the cop found, the judge allows the jury to hear it, the defendant can’t come up with a good counter. The man goes to prison. Years go by, the man in prison loses everything. New evidence is found indicating that the man did not kill his wife. He is released from prison. He still has nothing. He his angry.
Who is he angry at? The murderer, the cop, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the jury, the judge, everyone?

Tell me your thought process here.