Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


If they are not buffing season gear they need to make it 50% off too if the rider is discounted, not just the 1st page. At this point so many people have Atlas and more will get it, The market for the season gear is getting small and the gear get weaker, they will get to a point where it won’t be worth making and I don;t think PG would do that… would they :thinking:


Once everyone has atlas, mediocre riders with common gear won’t be chosen. Players could just get a rider (slowly and with much effort, sure) but they would then get the seasonal dragons, which are (almost) always better than the dragons that can be breed. At that point, in order to get people to choose the seasonal riders, they will have to make it better the the riders players can get in atlas, which is basically why people choose seasonal dragons in the first place; it’s better than what they can get normally.

As things stand now, the seasonal riders are not better than the atlas riders, but the players who have access to atlas is limited, so some may choose to get the riders instead of the dragon.


I have Oksana, I’d be happy with a small buff, place it somewhere between common and rare. At least then I’d think about finishing her gear and wouldn’t feel so dissatisfied. I doubt they would do it though.


I agree with gear part, but the riders are good deal even now, for a 3% or 5% extra attack, that much more effort is a different story.
i got 3 riders expert at a total cost of 12k sigils over a span of 2 seasons and i am happy with that much. We can still get a dragon line this time since oksana first page was off.


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The riders are a good deal at this point. They are easier to get to max and little sacrifice because they have been discounted (besides Tor… I think). The issue is the gear. Most people stop at the first page where the discount stops because at this point the gear isn’t really worth it, if you have Atlas. I’m not saying that gear from Atlas is easier to obtain, because that would be a lie lol. Rare gear isn’t impossible to obtain and up-gradable which was “close to the same” as season gear. Now that they made it worse anyone with Atlas would be crazy to spend sigils on gear.


Ok how about this as a compromise @pgEcho @ToNyRen
Since the gear as it stands could also roughly be interpreted as unleveled atlas gear of its current rarity, and the main issue with giving them retroactive buffs is the equilibrium of the labor involved. How about instead previous generations of armor get opened up to being able to be leveled once they do reach atlas, and future season line contain a 3rd page involving a custom resource for upgrading the provided armor.


I would not have gotten the riders at all if I had known their gear was going to be equivalent to common. A 3% or 5% increases isn’t much in comparison to a whole knew limited time dragon that I could continue to use up to obsidian or harbinger, at which point atlas may have been released to everyone and riders with the gear of elements we could actually use would then be available. A couple more % of damage can’t reasonably compare to a whole new dragon that could be better than any previous dragon the rider with 3% to 5% percent more on it.


guys stop arguing over this. yes it sucks. yes they lied… typical PG. but lets stop arguing before they realize the gear is NOT the valuable part of those rider pages and they start putting the riders themselves on the BACK page. THAT would suck… get the riders, ignore the gear and craft your own. lets move on. this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time PG messes with our plans.


Ummm cat is out of the bag buddy, EVERYONE knows the rider is what is important. Currently, you can only craft gear if you have Atlas. What about people who don’t have the alternative… :woman_shrugging:


Okay tony you basically reply to me by just playing victim, let me make some things clear. To begin with, I don’t have any negativity towards people that spend, in fact I have spend money on my higher account quite a few times, maybe nowhere near what some people throw at it but is something.

Now I never said that the opinion of spenders is bias, I mentioned you and only you, in fact I didn’t even considered your opinion to be bias even though I already knew how fast you get seasonal dragons. I considered you bias after you stated how “easy” it is to max a seasonal rider, which is 100% freaking bias there is no two ways around it. If you consider maxing a seasonal rider “easy” than you are out of touch with the lower leagues sorry to tell you. Some people will struggle far more maxing that 1 rider in seasonal than they would to max it in atlas.

My apologies, I am responding you in between classes (Im in college) so sometimes I run out of time and have to rush an answer, if there is anything specific that you want me to look at again feel free to point me back to it.

I think when we talk about rarity we are essentially talking numbers tho. But you might be right, here is the issue, if PG buffs the previous gear to rare stat, than what would be the point of the veteran rider? and if they buff the veteran rider than it would be out of balance with what people are paying for in atlas. I think a proper buff would be 5%. Old seasonal gear will be 15% which is slightly better than common gear but not as good as rare/25% that the veteran rider has.

I’m struggling to argue with your view that just because someone is in a lower league, they don’t have opponents that can get the gear from atlas anyways there for is “fair”. I just don’t think that’s a valid view at all. I also don’t want to turn this discussion into the typical atlas vs non-atlas argument. Atlas players get the best of both worlds, we have choices, non-atlas players are stuck with w/e they get, be it good or bad.

Also lets look at your view from the competitive perspective that you are pointing out, in plat 1 only half the teams got atlas, so if I’m in plat one and I don’t have atlas, I’m going to be competing vs teams who have the following advantages:

  1. Team bank for events like fort/feed
  2. More speedups/eggtokens, overall faster progression
  3. Better or higher quantity of rider gear

Now that’s just general competitive advantages, there are quite a few more less straight up advantages on an individual level.

Why if we are in the same league would my opponents have this many advantages?


Nope, that’s not acceptable. We went in with an understanding that what we were choosing would be good in the long haul, that any buffs or nerfs to atlas gear would be made to seasonal gear, and that seasonals would remain on an even field with atlas.
So, charging us to upgrade what we had invested in as good being made common just to get it back up to good is not acceptable. We bought the riders and gear under those conditions, and to exploit those who invested in that investment is not something that should be accepted. Ever.


If they did that, then no one would even look at a rider again. Players already know that riders can have value, but to change that possible value to less is not acceptable. I only got the riders because I thought they and their gear would be good. Now they are not. I would have just gotten a dragon the whole way.


then get the gear, if you dont have atlas the 20% boost or whatever a complete rider gives you is better than nothing, which is what you would have otherwise. from the very get go, grogg was advertised as being available BECAUSE not everyone had atlas and they wanted non atlas players to have a rider… i am not unsympathetic to this, i am also annoyed they arn’t boosting that gear when they boost the rest, but this thread is not going anywhere at this point by arguing over it.

That said, i do love a good argument, so if someone has some new points to interject here, i fully encourage that. :slight_smile:


Hey, I am the victim, I don’t need to play one. What does this topic have to do with me lol, just chiming in and found myself walked into a battle field and your reply was not really towards the points I made and instead it was more about the things you would like to say with or without me existing in this thread. Your last reply is basically saying my point of view is again only representing a certain group of people and I see your arguments doing just the same. Do realize there’s no absolute fairness by principle as you have to take a stand first before you assess fairness right?

Victim is Dead :skull:

Have whatever gear you want, buff it, level it be completely fair and square, (fairness is always sacrifice some and benefit some so things are more equal, so I dunno what completely fairness means) I’m outta here if all you wanna do is to do what you wanna do…

Whatever happens today, I’m going to eat some delicious noodles :spaghetti:

What @MikesGoN2GetU said :sunglasses:


I’ll admit I’m a newbie in this game,but even I know it’s all about the $$$$$$$ every decision is based on it. Sooner or later this type of business model will bite them in the ass. Having these long conversations ,while fun to read are pretty much pointless.




It’s not “Free”, we payed for it just as much as you payed for your dragon, or your packs, or items or whatever. We payed for what we were lead to believe was good, only to be deceived later. What we are being given now isn’t worth nearly as much as what we payed for.

At some point, a line is crossed, and we as as human beings must say No More. We must not accept less then we are given, we must not let wrongful actions go unanswered, we must not let the bad win over the good. We must say No. And this is me saying No, I will not accept less then what I payed for.


Why NOT buff the seasonal gear (as previously indicated would be the case)? What’s the harm? I am generally pessimistic by nature, and I can’t really find a downside besides new season rider (which, IMHO, is a joke considering the proposed atlas rider buffs). The ‘veteran’ rider should be more powerful inherently, and only further augmented by the gear.

FWIW - I never saw staff make any promises anywhere (no pacts, no covenants… not even a pinky-swear), and on many occasions, I have seen PG staff state that what they say here on the forums is NOT a promise, as they don’t have the power to make it so, and things change. They try to keep us informed, but when we start attacking them because they are breaking ‘promises’ when plans changing (probably outside their span of control) - they will just go back to silence on all things, and we’ll be in the dark asking why they went silent (again).

I also agree it’s crap that the season rider gear isn’t also getting buffed (and I didn’t even bother with season gear).


The solution is simple. Add all the teams to Atlas. Watch the weakest teams get absolutely obliterated. Make new thread.