Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


Easy for a shark to say “throw the rest of the goldfish into the ocean” :wink:


you are funny Panda. I really want to see this happen " adding all teams to atlas " and a hot war zone with no safe zone. Seems like fun :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Pretty sure I addressed your third point (The one you claimed I didn’t do a good job at responding to) quite direct on my last post. If I were to argue for complete fairness, I would’ve said that atlas should’ve been tested in a sandbox (like every game does) and released to the entire game once is bullet proof. I do think is proper to strive for as much balance to the game-play as possible.

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I really don’t mind whatever gear stats they buff for seasonals. In the end everybody will just have the same rider and same gears in seasonal options, same dragons again


I’m just saying, people want Atlas and say this is unfair. But then once they have it. That becomes unfair. Honestly, nothing is going to be fair…I do think they should just adjust the gear for this situation but the people end up arguing and the only one winning is PG. On a scale of the shady shit that has happened. This is on the low end.


I really didn’t want to turn this into another “everyone should get atlas” convo. Just wanted to point out that there is no need to give atlas yet another big advantage.


Points for Serious Sass


I think the “big” advantage is a feeling rather than a realistically situation.

Let’s say we all get into atlas 3 years ago. Dread, NMO, BWAB and RR join atlas today. Give them 2-3 months. What do you expect?

My team got into atlas a long time after beta was available. I didn’t feel disadvantaged. I feel like it’s natural order. The order for atlas entrance is the order of survival condition in atlas. Strongest teams got in first because they were strong. They are still going strong and it doesn’t matter the time of entry if you give them a little bit of time. Same for any level of strength. It is true, atlas is a brutal concept of raw suvival skills.

Give things a little time and you will see how beneficial it really is when you can’t own a castle for more than 2 days


Yea those teams basically ALLOW all others to play in THEIR sandbox @Panda


As Napk1n mentioned, the whole having Atlas vs. not having Atlas isn’t really my problem here. I am well aware of the type of game that Atlas is, I have played similar ones before. My expectations of how my team does once we get it is extremely low. I don’t like the slow roll out, but in the end it only means I have to wait longer to start earning any rewards from it. I don’t think getting it at the same time as Dread would have given our team any chance at “winning”.

This is more an issue of the “shady shit” you speak of. Like releasing new levels on capped towers and the great 4.0 nerf. Those were big issues for you and other top players (issues I got behind you on), this one is a big issue for us.

All that being said, thanks for your support in holding PG to their word.


Right, you are talking about atlas success which is fine, that has nothing to do with what I said. You can give a lvl 200 atlas for an entire year and he will still be behind a lvl 400 that doesn’t have it, no doubt about it. What if you give atlas to a lvl 200 who’s competing vs another 200? You cant compare 2 teams in the opposite side of the spectrum, people often say dread doesn’t even have competition within d1.

No one is saying that they are there cause they have an advantage, the “big” advantage really takes place like you said when a team that’s your direct competitor can make use of it and you cant.


We have personal wars now?

Also, it’s a choice and ability thing.

  1. Choice as in which team you choose to stay in, have atlas or not.

  2. Ability as in whether you are able to get in and stay in an atlas team to get the said advantage.

In the end if you want to talk about individuals, buff all you want, really not sarcastic. It’s just replacing a glass half full in everyone’s hand to a full glass.

It’s partly PG slow speed of rolling out atlas; partly what can a player do and decide.


that was an example to put the perspective into a smaller scale, I used a similar example with teams


At this rate we will soon say you’re in game too long it’s an advantage. What league you in?

Note one more thing… what’s available does not equal to what they get.

Terris is available, who got him?

If your opponent can do so much in atlas, even if they don’t have atlas, atlas pack money would just go straight into main game pack money. What’s the realistic expectation here?


That’s really an extreme over-statement of looking at it. This is a progression game, is only natural the longer/more you play the more progress you have, but that’s not really an advantage, is just the nature of it. Just like some games are design in such a way that someone who’s been playing for a month can be at the top of the leader-boards.

That really doesn’t hold up, just because something is available and not everyone in the team can get it, doesn’t mean is justified that the other team has no chance at it.

On top of that all the buffs I mentioned aren’t really hard to get even without spending money, speed ups and gear can be obtain without a castle. However getting a castle is no longer hard in atlas, specially with the upcoming expansion, I know several times in mid-low plat that currently have land in atlas.

You don’t need to spend money in atlas to get the basic advantages I mentioned.

Since you ask, I have 2 accounts in sapphire and one in platinum

P.S. This is my last post for a while, gotta get going.


It is extreme, and I think the advantage you’re referring to is also not big enough to be talked about as if it were a deal breaker. If a team really got that big unfair advantage, expect them to go up a league by next week or something.

I get what you’re saying.

You’re saying the reason for seasonal rider gears should be buffed is because teams which have atlas have unfair advantage.


Tbh I found the rider itself and his skills a little disappointing before the change was announced and that didn‘t change. A very expensive veteran rider but only 2% more HP than Grogg who was discounted and not hidden behind two other season branches is a joke. If I get him, I‘ll get him as an addition to the other riders I have, and he will not go on a priority dragon.

As for his gear, it was useless for me before the change as it‘s (1) fire element, (2) I don‘t have Corthanak or any good fire dragon, (3) I usually get naked riders and craft Atlas gear and (4) the cost to get Fom, Sam and Terris‘ full branch is nothing I‘m willing to pay for such limited use.


Wow. Super long thread … anyone got the short version. :thinking:


Many including myself have repeatedly said that Grogg was a very worthwhile investment and that it would stay with you and move from dragon to dragon while divines will be outgrown sooner or later.