Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


Really? I wasn’t finding a lot of good things, so I thought he was bad. I must have looked at all the wrong posts…
Were you saying he was good when he first came out? and did you have enough to get grogg and a dragon? just curious.


I maxed out Grogg and Necryx that season without spending. Had to use rubies for super sigils chests though. I like it much better now that they put the rider’s on the first page and the gear on the second. Grogg is the only one I have gear for because you had to get his gear to max out his level.







Possibly…but all teams started that way. It might be a little bit off topic but do you know one way to fix certain things. Be a better team. That option also gets forgotten too.


Yes and yes. I maxed Necryx and Grogg as they were both discounted.

See my post from Nov 17 here:


Way too short. :rofl:. Guess I’ll start reading from the top. :woman_facepalming:


Don’t dispute that, but its a long process where dread being the established powerhouse has its choice of the best people around. Thats not a bad thing, you guys put in a LOT of work and are duly rewarded for it. Work for reward is why im advocating for these buffs


I think the prizes they get is quite tiny…


Exhausting thread…

I think most of us could agree if we step back, collect thoughts, and focus on what is likely THE major determining factor as to whether support, or not support, PG’s decision to back-step on seasonal rider gear buffs; and it’s what I believe someone tried to say earlier, but wrote “riders” instead of “rider gear”…

Would any Atlas participant (1 percenter spenders and F2P players alike) even think twice about unloading sigils into seasonal rider gear anymore (excluding bias of those purchasing it who just want it for a trophy :rofl:)?

Reading through here it appears there just might be agreement about the component that’s the popular disappointing ingredient in this matter…GEAR and the non-unilateral buff percentage changes. It’s a bit pointless to argue whether past riders are still viable. Rider ARE still viable and it looks that they will continue to maintain their original value for quite a while (at least we can hope, but in this game’s business model nothing is a guarantee for the customer). It’s the gear that PG fumbled on.

Atlas participants please, if you haven’t already, do us the favor of adding your opinion to the data pool by commenting what you view will now be the value vs cost metrics of seasonal gear compared to what it originally was when first released.

Hope this makes a lick of sense as I’m writing in a hurry. I know it’s been touched on several times but the opinions seems widely varied and more data is needed as to what amount of effort obtaining Atlas gear is comparable to effort for seasonal gear and if this coefficient will stay the same post Atlas gear buff.



That was a nice post! :+1:

And omg this thread…

I play Atlas. I think all gear should be buffed or I’ll be dropping my Grogg gear asap. It was stated that it would be, and so it should. For people that don’t play Atlas this is especially important.

Someone put up a poll for it so we can let em know where the players stand.


That’s a great idea. Go for it Shade! :kissing_heart::rose::rose:

  • ALL gear should be buffed in future update.
  • Only Atlas gear should be buffed.
  • For the love of PG don’t buff gear!!!

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Lol… 1st one… :grimacing:


Lol if you put an option that nobody loses, people are going to pick that one

Practically speaking it’s usually some suffer some benefit from a particular decision, PG won’t be the suffered one


Well, hey… nice thing is it seems like we’re pretty much all on the same side. :wink:


Yay a poll :grin:

Edit (Well I was writing for what would be other good questions in a poll but got a bit distracted. Will post further down in thread :wink:)…


I would agree with “For the love of PG don’t buff gear”, but that vote was already widely given at the time this proposal was first made. It appears Atlas gear buffs are still happening regardless. The next best option imo is to hold them to their word to not screw over the players who got Seasonal gear.

Does “Rare” mean Rare? Or does it mean Common?




…and max rare gear from Atlas?


Great plan! Increasing the divide even further and greatly reduce the balance between those who have access and those that don’t! PG you just astound me!