Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


@PGEcho Please have the powers that be take this poll into consideration. It’s clear that only a tiny fraction of players believe buffing Atlas gear but not Seasonal gear is an appropriate course of action.

The release of Veteran gear is not an acceptable excuse. Either of the solutions detailed here could easily allow PG to hold to your promise:


Pg hasn’t forgotten this post now, have they? I know we all kind of stopped posting after the poll was made (and an obvious preference chosen) but we shouldn’t let them think we’ve let this subject go, not by a long shot.


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Hey, don’t do this. You’re violating the code of conduct as far as bumping threads goes. If you’re gonna tag PG staff, try to pick an appropriate employee and not just every name you can think of. Instead of getting the attention you want you’re going to get the thread closed or your account suspended.


Alright then, now that you’re here, you’ve likely seen this thread and all that’s going on in it, so what do you have to say that relevant to what this thread is about?

P.S., Echo has been the only pg staffer who replies on here, and he doesn’t seem to have the answers, and since no of you would step in whenever you where mention, I thought if I kept tagging you one of them were bound to show up and relieve poor Echo, who’s been taking the brunt of our outcries.


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Again, I’m not promising to read this thread. I don’t promise to read any threads. I read the ones I can that seem like they need attention, and in my spare time I grab a few that either feel like they need attention or might interest me. I also check when people ping me to make sure I’m not missing something super dire.

Pinging every member of staff isn’t going to get our attention in a positive way. Setting a deadline for me isn’t going to get my attention in a positive way. You can continue to contribute to the thread and it’s possible PG staff will read it, or you can submit a ticket if you absolutely need a PG response. If you continue on the path you’re on it’s just going to end with this thread being closed and your account being suspended.


Would PG consider offering a branch in the summer season only available to players who haven’t had atlas access to allow them to get something at a price that reflects the difficulty atlas players experience to get their stuff?

For the moment in spite of the recent expansion I think many players who don’t have access to atlas are feeling kind of shafted. There is nothing that they get that the atlas players cannot get but the reverse isn’t true.

I’m not suggesting you offer max legendary gear on a rider for minimal sigils but maybe a hidden branch for a defence rider at a premium for players who don’t have atlas and have never had it. Maybe with Epic gear and put it behind at least one full cost dragon to make it difficult to achieve.


@Djdom32 I already suggested a compromise this was the reply i got lol

Sadly a middle ground doesn’t seem possible the angry party won’t stop shouting

I do like your mentality and thoughts though


To reflect our difficulty level of legendary gear the sigil cost would need to be more than 250k sigils, so like a tree along the lines of 4 base dragons, a mythic dragon and veteran rider then a rider with legendary gear, needing everything else to access it


I did actually explicitly say not legendary gear. Is your number for maxed legendary gear or basic? They can balance all these things.

The expansion has made things worse in terms of balance as the lower leagues are more volatile. If you’re a plat 1 team without atlas access you’re now fighting at a big disadvantage compared to the ones who have it.

Some form of balance needs to be added for the competitive teams who missed out. This balance should only be available to those who haven’t had the ability to get stuff through atlas. This people don’t need maxed legendary gear but they probably do need access to things like a defence rider and gear. It should also be attainable but have a significant not ridiculous cost on it.


How goes tagging every single person help though? If your car breaks down you don’t spam your tailor asking for answers…

Also…just give this guy Atlas already lol and I am sure it will sort itself out.


I’m not spamming the tailor, I’m spamming the dealers who sold me the car with all these promises of how good it was. Lasted 6 months then imploded; I’m not letting this go.


You do realize that each one has different departments regardless…seriously though I hope they just give you Atlas soon. All of sapphire and some of plat got it recently? How bad is your team…


Have you even read the PG employee roles? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You can’t expect some who designs the look of the game to necessarily know about the balance that makes the game work.

Edit: This is where some employee goes “Damn it Jim! I’m an artist, not an engineer!”


It’s only a small portion of plat that got atlas access very recently. Considering how small the sapphire and diamond leagues are your team doesn’t have to be “bad” to not have it yet. Also some of the teams that have got it are now in Gold leagues because they dropped down :woman_shrugging:


or got it in Beta irrespective of league


True that’s possible for some of them. I have spoken to at least 1 atlas team in gold who had gotten it in sapphire and then dropped down to gold. Can’t remember the name now though, was a while back.


This thread isn’t about who has Atlas and who doesn’t. It’s about PG making a promise and then making plans to not follow through on it. Every player should be concerned about a gaming company pulling things like this, especially when people spend money based on that promise.

Please keep it on topic.

Poll is above for anyone who missed it.