Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


So with both these things said, how can you possibly, in any way, justify anyone spending sigils on seasonal rider gear if it is now equivalent to max common gear? There is absolutely no incentive to waste sigils on seasonal gear unless you plan on never getting Atlas

Plus, with the reduction in scrolls needed for the initial crafting, you can now get twice the number of attempts at getting a better piece for the same scroll cost. And once you have something decent, upgrading it does not cost scrolls.

And finally, one of the quest prizes for new Atlas players is a full set of max common gear in their choice of element. That is the equivalent of the gear I can get on the second page of Oksana’s seasonal line, and I can choose the element I want. Why would I spend 18,800 sigils for something that PG considers a freeebie once I get Atlas?


Wow, you are SUPER lucky because I have been in Atlas for about 9 months now and I still only have 1 piece of legendary armor. And I’m very active (I have 160k troops atm, for reference).
Needless to say, I’m very jealous…


I hardly ever get scrolls in the bazaar… No way I could average 1.5k a week without spending.
You must be the luckiest guy on earth! :joy::joy::joy:

No wonder you have a full set of legendary gear…


@PGEcho Please read John16309’s post (just above) and understand where we are coming from. This decision to buff Atlas gear and leave Seasonal gear alone makes absolutely no sense. Why would anyone spend 20k sigils for something they get for free as soon as they enter Atlas?

This needs to be fixed.


The real question here is…will you be spending 20k sigils for Common gear?


Now that the Atlas gear has been significantly boosted, the “basic” seasonal gear (like Oksana’s) is really not worth the sigils. The veteran rider gear would be worth it to me if he cost the same as Oksana’s gear and he was in an element that I could actually use. lol
But as he is? No.

Bottom line, it’s worth re-posting this quote again.

They should not have boosted the Atlas gear without boosting the seasonal gear as well.

This just isn’t right.


THIS! All of this! @pgEcho answer THIS question, not just the ones that don’t directly call out your lies, because clearly you’ve seen this post but still remain silent on THIS part of it.

And if not Echo, how about some other pg staff? @PGJared @Arelyna @PGCoffee @PGCrisis @PGEggToken; someone answer us! Justify this lie to us!


If you have been in atlas for 9 months and you only got 1 legendary piece, I must say you are doing something wrong, there are at least 2 other players in my team, free players, with all legendary pieces already (not leveled up).

Even my alt has 2 legendary pieces, it only had atlas for 3 months and I’m way less active in it.

Troops don’t really matter, I barely ever get to 50k cause I’m constantly using them, this event I revived 45k, which gave me about 600 scrolls.


I can read a maximum on the forum, but I still have doubts about the riders to put on perches.
I understood that only the defensive rider with defensive equipment could go on the perches.
Is it correct?
Or can we also put attacking riders with defensive equipment?


This was before the introduction of Veteran gear and after further analysis of the difficulty of getting Atlas vs seasons gear we will no longer be applying the retroactive buffs to seasons gear.


So, you made a premature judgement, told everyone it’s all good and worth getting, then 2 months later change your minds, and now your expecting we (the players) are going to be ok with your new decision to go back on your promise and give us what is comparatively garbage for our hard work over the last two seasons?

As we not in atlas have heard from those In atlas, upon finally getting to Atlas, one of the first things players are given is a FREE complete set of basic armor (which is what seasonal armor is now worth) of ANY element they choose. How do you justify that, @pgEcho?


Why is anyone going to pay 20k sigils for equivalent gear as they can get in Atlas for minimal effort through a new player quest?

You are seriously going to wait until no one buys 10% rider gear in future seasons before realizing this decision is a huge mistake?

How about just being a stand up company and holding to the promise that was made? People made decisions on what to spend their sigils on based on that promise. I purchased packs based on that promise.

If you don’t stand by your word, I will be going to Apple for a refund and never spend another dime on another pack. This is beyond ridiculous.


That gear is worse than seasons gear, and it will be available to you when you get there as well.


How is that gear worse? It won’t be 10%/10% once you do the Atlas gear buffs?


Yes buffing some and not others is unfair, discrimination, and the kind of action that could have people leaving the game. It is not isolated either. No atlas for me, no consecutive daily login for me, no buffs for me, etc… Its getting rapidly out of control


Alright then, you’ve established that only junk is free from you guys, way to go, atlas still sucks even from this far away.
But the seasonal gear is now worth LESS then it was when we choose to invest in it instead of a dragon. Last season, I didn’t even get a dragon, I got both riders, because I thought I was investing in my future, not ‘stuff’ that is just a little bit better than junk.
WE choose to get RIDERS over DRAGONS because we were told that what we were choosing (the riders’ and their gear) would be good even after we get to atlas (whenever THAT’s going to happen) not worth basically a little more than junk, which it is now. ATLAS players are calling it junk, SOME of them are even saying the season riders and gear is so far beneath them that they don’t understand why WE, who don’t have atlas and bought the season gear, are so upset over “junk”. @pgEcho?


Future season gear will be increased.


So if this is true, and you guys consider the previous gear to be fair compared to the amount of work needed to get a common gear set in atlas, why are you buffing future season gears?

If is truly fair, than just leave it as it is and lets see how many people actually get the gear next season, there is no need to buff something that’s already perfectly balance according to you.

So which is it? is it truly fair and there is no need to change it? or is it off balance and that’s why you are buffing it next season?


Lol I like how he said when we get atlas too… when’s that going to be exactly? Next year? Next decade maybe?


Future season gear stats will be based on the season branch requirements/difficulty.