Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!


Right, so you are planning to increase the difficulty of future branches, cant wait to see that. Would the increase buffs be consistent with the old prices?

For example Oksana’s (no requirements) gear costs 19k with buffs of up to 10% (2000 sigils = 1%), would that mean that if you increase the sigil costs to lets say 25k the buffs will increase to 13%?


Future seasons haven’t been decided. That will be a question for later.


That’s not a question for later at all, even if future seasons haven’t been the decided, what I’m asking is not hard to answer, I’m asking for consistency, something this game seems to lack a lot.

You answered my previous post with this:

This way too general and not a real answer. Going by this, you can simply just add an extra 1000 sigils to the next rider and increase its buffs to 20%. Sure is more “difficult” to get compared to the previous riders, but in general you are getting a much better value for your sigils. You could technically stop at 19k sigils and still have a much better gear than you did for Oksana.

This goes back my previous post, if you already believe the amount of work we put into the previous riders is fair, than the amount of work we put into the future riders should be consistent. Right?


Going back on that in the case of the non veteran gear is very dissappointing. As an elite account only player i dont expect to have top end stuff ever; but you are slowly killing any form of progression/fun for non spenders. The seasons are the only progression I make in the short term and this definitely hurts my effort in the seasons.


This story is all over the news for the last couple of days:

PG can either learn from what happens to other gaming companies when they deceive their customers, or they can make the same mistakes themselves and see what happens.

As for me, I will be showing Apple the screenshot of your lie and getting a refund. I hope others do the same. You better figure this nonsense out before you don’t have any players left.


The seasons pretty much stay the same. There is no difficulty just how much people spend.:rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Thanks for posting this. I was pretty much about to use my sparse E2P sigils and rubies on getting Oksana’s armor to boost my Avyx, but with this info it seems like a dumb move to do that. Better wait until 15/20% armors drop next season, or until I can do the Atlas intro quest.


Apparently the atlas intro armor is worse than the seasonal though… Don’t have time right now to find that quote.


Not when buffs activate. They’ll be 10% just like seasonal gear.


Rare 20%
Common 10%

Old seasonal rare 8%


Yes there is much ineptitude about this decision. It makes me truly question the future of the game. I’m putting a 100% hold on any potential purchases in game. This type of move is so very unbalanced. Its like they gave atlas development free reign and core game development was told to tone down all seasonal designs.
PG seems to be quite a mess at the moment.


To which I got no response. I assume it’s just another deception to add to the stack. Maybe @Napk1n can help us clarify if there is any difference between the the beginner Atlas quest gear (once it’s buffed) and previous Seasonal gear.

There is no justification for this:


My set of free common gear that I received from the tutorial adds up to 5.3% Attack and 5.3% HP. When the gear max is changed for Atlas rider gear, it will go to 10% (if not 10.6%). Seasonal “max rare” gear is 10% Attack and 10% HP. So the free common max gear will be exactly the same as seasonal “max rare” if not stronger.
Unless, of course, PG decides to not include the free tutorial gear in the change…


I was going off what pgEcho had said in the quote that @Obfirmo linked. So if I’m wrong, it’s all on pgEcho…


If you go to the first post in pgecho’s update for this conversation on atlas it has the percents.


I’ll be honest. I had so much reading to do on the forums that day that my eyes sort of glazed over when looking at all those percentage buffs.

Edit: maths aren’t my strong suit.


A more reasonable solution might have been to make it recieve the rare buff but be halfway to maxed out and allow players to finish leveling it. I dont have atlas so not really familar with mechanics but deciding to flat out not buff it is a disappointing approach.


If they really needed a buff at all. pg echo and development think so but no evidence of it being needed is apparent . A 80% buff by by most game standards is OP and game breaking. It’s like putting a God code into a console game. It’s only defense is the opposite game code which is a 80% defense buff. So in triggering war of the wallets they are destabilizing the core game.
Luckily my purchases made to Android are from PayPal. I have two avenues to get my money back. When I explain this nonsense of being denied atlas where they can double the power and defense of what I can get, I am pretty sure I can get all or most of my money back.


I’m just waiting for them to piss off one of the big whales,and they sue PG,or one of the countries with tighter consumer laws fines them.Each day I play this game,I get closer to quiting.


I think the inaccessible 80% buff is my tipping point. I think I should get out before a lot quit. That way I still have a chance at a refund. After Google and Apple pay out thousands and thousands on refunds they will start doing partial refunds.