Atlas Rider Mission Prizes?


Is there a list somewhere of all the prizes?

It’s hard to tell in the menu, especially the clocks.


They seem pretty straightforward to me. :roll_eyes:

But I give you!!! @mechengg to answer all your questions.


if I l click on the 5-star clock it says reward is 5 Silver-looking clocks. I have no idea what that is? Obviously 375 eggs is a lot easier to figure out, its just 375 eggs :slight_smile:


Well, tbh, I learned it the hard…ish way by tapping into the forge and checking/comparing the icon. :sweat_smile:


The clocks are 3/6/9/12/15 hours


Well i can tell you that they are all linearly scaled between each other.

Total time : egg tokens is the same the whole way down


perfect thank you

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