Atlas Rider Mission Schedule charts


I coudn’t find it, so I made one, if someone has a better chart - please share in comments :slight_smile:

There are 5 fixed combinations of missions, each 15 minutes,
repeated in the same order, each cycle is 1h and 15 min.

They can reset only at specific parts of hour - *00, *15, *30, *45, never in between.

For example:

  • 00:00-00:15 combination 1

  • 00.15-00:30 combination 2

  • 00:30-00:45 combination 3

  • 00.45-01.00 combination 4

  • 01.00-01.15 combination 5

Then cycle starts over, so each combination will repeat every 1h 15 min

  • 01:15-01:30 combination 1

  • 01:30-01:45 combination 2 etc etc

Combinations repeat in the same order, including gold, scrolls and timers.
I numbered mine as follows, but you can renumber for your needs, as long as you keep the sequence.

Table 1: Egg token missions only, for timers and gold - see below.

Numbers 1-5-9-13-17 are required combat level of rider

1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star
Combo1 E-1 W-5 I-9 E-13 W-17
Combo2 D-1 E-5 W-9 D-13 E-17
Combo3 F-1 D-5 E-9 F-13 D-17
Combo4 I-1 F-5 D-9 I-13 F-17
Combo5 W-1 I-5 F-9 W-13 I-17

other rewards:

Rewards scrolls tokens timers gold
1 star 3 75 12 x15m= 3h 0
2 star 6 150 12 x30m=6h 150k
3 star 9 225 9 x 1h= 9h 225k
4 star 12 300 4 x 3h= 12h 300k
5 star 15 375 5 x 3h= 15h 375k


Combo1 E-W-I-E-W


Combo3 F-D-E-F-D

Combo4 I-F-D-I-F

Combo5 W-I-F-W-I

How to use:

if you opened the game and see missions you cannot use,

  1. check when is the next reset, for example reset is in 5 min and it is 08:55 in your time zone, then you know that next is at 9.00, 9.15, 9.30 etc
  2. look at the chart above and find the combination you want to use,
    for example you want combo 3 - the 3 star earth rider 9k combat power
  3. find when is next quarter hour when your combo will returm,
    if current combo is 1, at 8.55, it means combo 2 is 9.00-9.15, and combo 3 is 9.15-9.30,
  4. open the game between 9.15 and 9.30 and deploy your rider,

it is especially helpful if you still need to use the rider before the mission, or going to bed soon and want to send your strongest rider for 12 h, so this way you know how much time you have inside of each 1h 15 min repetition.

(this was written fast, if you notice any errors - please comment below)

Atlas events cycle: Troops always on weekend Fri-Mon, Craft/Prim - Tues-Thur

I like the pictures of all the items together.

My strategy is to line up my dragons for the items i want. I currently want TIMERS since this is the only notable timer farm in the game (besides atlas dailies) so i have set my riders up as such so that at a single time i can send all 3 out for timer missions at the same time without any overlap :slight_smile:
CB1000+ Ice
CB5000+ Dark
CB9000+ Wind


yep, I was thinking that too :slight_smile:

before I was crafting things mostly for hp etc, now I can line up 3 riders and prioritize the gear that will help me deploy all 3 at once


Thanks @Umaya!

@forScience posted one on line a few months back but she was too lazy to make a nice poster or table… :joy:


I was thinking about scripting a timer sometime :rofl:


Atlas Rider Mission Sequence

Oh yeah you did make a nice poster :joy: totally forgot.

You never posted it here tho!


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