Atlas rider on dragons

Hey! My best dragon at the moment is Fomhar. I have an expert Oksana on him with legendary gear and so on.

This Atlas event we are training our primarchs and riders. Since I’m flying Fomhar most of the time, I can’t level up my riders, only primarchs. Should I swap rider, and get the hunter rider equipped on Fomhar instead, so I can level the rider up as well? What will happen to my legendary gear?

Is an expert Atlas rider better than an expert Oksana?


Expert yes, but it will take loooong time.
Why not get defender or hunter rider and ride other dragons?
Don’t need to have them only on fomhar js

I have the sorcerer rider on Equestor, and expert Kayla on Aibrean.

Equestor isn’t as good as Aibrean and Fomhar at the moment, and can’t solo the bases Fomhar or Aibrean can.

yea id do that, i currently have the sorcerer rider in my necryx to bank some glory since my hunter rider already has way more glory than it needs to get to expert.

Cause when farming for glory the more dragons you use the more troops you lose, so depending on your level you might just have 1 dragon that’s reliable enough to take higher level bases by himself.

don’t always need to take down higher level bases. I am lev 84 and made 20k glory using equestor and lev 1 rider.
if only best dragons, you might want expert oksana which is much better.
i am very clear on how glory works :see_no_evil:

I never said you cant get glory without taking higher level bases, is just much easier if you can, the higher you can go the easier it becomes to farm it.

My issue is that there is 10-9% atk damage difference between Oksana and atlas riders atleast till they reach lev 30-35 range and getting rider shards takes long time. So he would be losing that 10% atk buff of oksana and the ice turret resist buff as well.
I am not against riding Fomhar with atlas riders as such. Atleast that’s what I am doing.

right but he mentioned he had legendary gear. My legendary gear with only a few pieces with 1 or 2 levels still gives me close to 40% increase in atk/def so regardless if I lose the 9% extra that oksanna offers, the dragon where my legendary gear is will still allow me to farm glory much easier than those that don’t.

Same issue here. I decided to keep Oksana with atlas gear on Fomhar and put hunter rider on finisher (currently Jul, will swap to Ferga). As I want to have my best dragon strong. When I hit higher targets and they defend heavily I don’t mind using 2 dragons…
I guess XP is not a problem…missing red shards to lvl up atlas rider are bigger issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have one legendary and 4 epic gears, with gear mine is +28% atk and +27%HP

I have 58 red shards at the moment, but can’t use them, since I only use Fomhar and my maxed Oksana.

When I’m getting another good hunter I’ll put my Atlas hunter rider on that one, and train it. Do I have to salvage the gear I currently have equipped on my hunter rider if I have to change dragon?

You can unequip for rubies, which you’ll need to do (unequip everything) if the dragon is a different element.

50rubies /piece of gear. You will definitely need more shards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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