Atlas rider shards

Is it possible to swap rider shards?

I wanna swap my blue shards to Vivian shards so I can level her up

Depends. If you did the atlas rider line but claimed the blue shards then yes, Support will usually swap those for you. If you just have 500 blue shards but didnt claim them from this season’s rider line then no, it’s pretty unlikely they’re going to just swap old shards for you.
I also think you have to make the request within 2 weeks of claiming the prizes. That’s what I was told at least when I claimed the wrong element gear.

No I don’t think so we now need another currency for atlas riders. We were of course a bit short of currencies or maybe folk stopped getting the crap that was produced with their blue shards so the had to stop them being used season to season who knows……

Thank you for your response. How do i contact support tho?

In game

Small gear wheel

Help button

Square thing at top right the write your ticket

Good luck

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Unless you’re on android. Then
In game

Envelope next to the gear wheel

News tab

A system email such as about the event or an update

Help button

Green pencil button to write your ticket

Edit: found a visual from @ZeroDucksGvn

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Thank you all for walking me through this process. Don’t think I’d have figured it out without help.

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