Atlas Rider Swann & Opinion on perks


Does anyone have Swann?

To lvl her up, we need the same amount of rider shards and glory is that right?

Didn’t see a topic on her yet

And if yall have her what type of dragon class would you bond her on?
Maybe the Mythic Hunter (during fall) :crossed_fingers: :smile:


You can check in Posting Summerflare Conquest…
Someone player already got that Rider after few hours during seasons begin


Thank you
Another question tho
If you have her would you get her on a hunter or a sorcerer?
Having the dilemma rage regen (10% or 1 hunter ammo attack) ?


Yups, maybe i’ll bond thats rider to Sorcerer…
If you claim Swann you would get 500 blue stone to upgrade lvl


The blue stones are only for hiring her not leveling. Leveling her is red stones just like the others.


What? 500 blue stone only Hire? Its amazing loooooolllllll


Yeah I know it is a crazy amount there was the reason adding the blue shards to other prizes or some dumb response like that IDK. I will not be getting this rider personally.


So the blue shards does it have other use other than hiring the rider? Sorry the rider is new to me. Not sure if beta atlas rider was similar :slight_smile:


my question is how much red rider stones does it take to max a rider?


379 i believe off the top of my head


Which is more worth it in your opinion?
10% rage generation or +1 Hunter ammo?


Seeing as they will be only applicable for certain classes of dragons (assumption based on text) I’d choose which ever was more fitting for the dragons i play in the game.

Seeing as i don’t use sorcerers, i’d say that the rage generation that only works on sorcerers is useless for me.


Yes that is correct! I wasn’t around for BETA but if the current riders are from beta than they only need 5 red shards. i think this is a new thing. If I was getting the rider than I would do the buffs applicable to hunters since it is the main type I use.


I see thank you for the input, was lost as to which class (Hunter or Sorcerer) since I use both and have no favorite preference. (won’t be bothered about the warrior buff lol)


Is Swann really worth it as compared to other normal/season rider?

I am halfway through her page (almost second blue shard prize). I wonder if i should stop there after hearing quite few not so good feedback with Swann :sweat_smile:


The rider to me only benefits hunter and sorcerer. Due to lack of ammo runes to me having at least 1 is beneficial so yes. For sorcerer too having the 10% rage Regen is actually quite good. If you want to get gears, I believe you know crafting gives better increase in percentage so yes to me it’s worth it if you were to consider these 2 factors :smiley: (boost dragon class and I can get better gears in crafting) :smiley:


Atlas season gear is better than crafted gear. (normal season gear sucks)


I just got her. Anybody know when you get her avi unlocked?


It’s unrelated to the rider line; it was from the Springveil season:


Well, that sucks… :expressionless: