Atlas Rider Swann & Opinion on perks


Question, are the blue shards universal atlas currency or season specific for Swan?
Will the blue shards be available next season ? Will swan be available after season ends .

If blue shards are universal atlas rider currency then, supposedly we can hire swann after season ends.
It would be nice to have this clarified as many ask me this question.

I’m a bit confused as to the blue shards.


Blue shards, based on PGDave or someone from PG says that it is used for Swann and future Atlas Dragon Riders.

You can save the 500 blue shards and use it on the next atlas dragon rider.

I say atlas dragon rider since the core/main game has their unique item required to hire and level the dragon riders obtained there.


They are ‘universal’ in the sense that next season’s rider will use the same shards, and they do carry over.



Correct. And if you didn’t get enough shards this season you can get more next season and still hire Swann. Or you can use this season’s blue shards to hire next season’s rider.


One thing I did wonder is if they will lock Swann after the season if blue shards can be used later or is she just available now like the other atlas riders? I.e. you can use her shards on other riders, can you do it in reverse later if you didn’t go for her this time? :thinking:


Yes, they’ve explicitly said that Swann will remain available as a rider to be hired, so you can still get her in later seasons.


Cool, it goes against everything they do for limited time season items but I’m not going to fight it :wink:


Blue shards are limited to just enough to get one rider per season. So if you didn’t complete swann line this season you’ll have to either give up next seasons rider for swann, or swann for next rider.


How many training thingies does it take to max dark flak resist once you get Swann to 50?

And when I type Swann, I still think of Miss Swan, the dancing queen, at the gay bar? Who came up with that? :joy::joy::joy:




I think of Once Upon a Time, mine is named captain swann after my ship on there :joy:


I’m guessing Ted Elliot or Terry Rossio, when they wrote the screenplay for Pirates of the Caribbean…


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