Atlas Rider vs Seasonal Riders (Stats)

Scoured the forums looking for something related but came up short.

Does anyone have a table/chart comparing Atlas Riders vs Seasonal Rider as far as stats provided (without gear).

More curious if Grog/Tor as superior to lets say the Hunter Rider as far as stats are concerned.

hunter rider would have better stats than gorg or tor on a hunter, I don’t have a chart tho

Atlas rider gives 13% health and attack and I believe the onlyone that comes close in attack boost is oksana with 12%

Atlas riders are a little better… once you finally get them to expert.

This is the chart for the seasonal riders

And Atlas riders give +13% HP / +12% attack

Small clarification: But the attack is class specific for the atlas riders.


Clarification on your clarification :joy:

Only 10% of each attack/hp stat is class specific

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<3 To all.

You don’t need to expert them :wink:

Mine is lvl43 and has all dragon ATK/HP boosts maxed.

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Thx for posting that… glad to know it’s a little closer than I thought!

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Next leveling event I’ll be there!

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@Shadelos You‘re welcome :slight_smile:

And for the 12% construction time reduction your defense rider only needs to be lvl31 :grin:

@Lutrus nice! :sunglasses:

Have you finished leveling your defense rider? If so what skills did you skip?

I focused on defense first… at 31 now… heading to 35 next training event. My others are low though… 11-20. Need those rider shards! :crazy_face:

I have a L45 defense rider.

I’ll attach pic below to show you my skill tree so far

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So you should have enough to finish ice hp and fire turret too?

Thats some funny stuff there; Love your name for defensive rider


Ice HP yes absolutely

Not sure what i’m going to do after that, i may just go back and do the archer attack and/or one of the RSS buffs if they are cheap enough because i don’t have a cannon and don’t want fire turret attack

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Not saying anything against @mechengg ‘s skilltree, but if you start from scratch and won’t max your def rider anytime soon, I would not skill both tower buff skills in the beginning but take the shortest direct route to get the 12% construction time reduction to save timers.

Then you can go back or forth and start filling those tower buff skills.

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