Atlas Riders 101

I haven’t played Atlas and I don’t know much about riders.

The only riders available are through the Season Branches. Does Atlas have riders available outside of the events? If so which ones and how do you earn / level them?

I only have enough sigils for 1 rider this season. I would prefer Venus, but Sola’s 14% construction bonus is hard to pass. But if there is defensive rider available in Atlas that could get 10 or 12% construction bonus, I’d get Venus and join Atlas to get that def rider.

Any helpful rider lessons are appreciated.

Where to start…

You can get riders in atlas. There are 4 basic ones that cost red shards, one for warrior, sorcerer, hunter, and a defensive one. The defensive rider gives 12% timer reduction.

Red shards can be earned through atlas events (which are really simple and any atlas team should be able to explain them to you once you join an atlas team), or better earned through getting glory by killing stuff.

There are also blue shards for other atlas exclusive riders. Don’t worry about being late to the party because you can get old riders as well with blue shards. They’re earned in an atlas season line that you earn “badges” for by also killing stuff and getting glory. It’s tough to explain more than this without being on a team, but atlas does have numerous benefits so it would be helpful (even a less competitive atlas team).



Earn Season rider with collecting 500 blue shards

  • Through Atlas season branch, get glory
  • Farming lv 15+ beasts (less preferable, but this one doesn’t need glory)

Basic rider just need some red rider shards (available in prim & rider leveling event), but weaker (although Defender has 12 construction bonus)

Level them with Red Rider shards and rider XP (equal to glory gained, divided by the number of participating rider).


The middle. Then work backward to the end, then move rapidly toward the beginning at a 37.5 degree angle.

Chrom is a really great defensive rider. If you decide not to get Sola, you can get “Defender” from atlas with a 12% construction boost which will serve you well for years to come. Just put it on your perch during fort until you have a second perch.


In this position I would go with Defender if you’re willing and able to do Atlas pvp to train her. The easiest way to figure that out is to try Atlas.

You get enough red shards to hire her from doing a couple of simple post-tutorial quests like “move your primarch” and “attack a beast”.

To train her you need to do Atlas pvp for the glory (steep learning curve to really optimize, can be crazy fun) and events for more red shards.

It’s hard to advise how much work training is. Building enough troops and learning the game would take most people some time, easily a month, but an active vet who already has troops could knock it off in a day.

If you find you hate Atlas and are pretty sure you aren’t going to get Defender trained, or if you really want stronger tower buffs, you can just get Sola. But I would generally agree that Venus is a better priority.


Get atlas, and the defender rider trained, and if you want to quit atlas you’ll still have the construction discount. I think you’ll want to stay in atlas, though, but that is an option on the super cheap

Thanks for the input everyone.

I’ve joined Atlas and am going to earn and max Defender and Crom. Then I’ll figure out next steps. Excited to get Venus now!

So for Armor… keep crafting until its Legendary or Elite? At my starting stage, should I level up Legendary equipment or only Elite?

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Best to only level up elite. Also, if you work on the gear lines, DO NOT collect elite gear, instead go all the way to the right to get extra shards. It’ll take more patience, but you get more elite gear out of it.


If you’re just starting Atlas (and this will get off-topic; saying this before it does), make sure you’re building troops and taking advantage of Atlas Elite. Troops are an important aspect of Atlas.

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If you’re new then I suggest getting both legendary and elite
Use the legendary until you get elite gear
Only lv elite gear and mythic gear

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Further from this, it is really handy to alternate the gear you are crafting. The rarity drops work in a cycle just like main game chests and there have been cycles with two elite drops in succession. It is really frustrating to get duplicate gear for no reason.

Welcome to Atlas and hope you enjoy it!