Atlas, Riders and atlas rewards

I understand this topic is similar to many old topics doing shoutout for other teams needing atlas access but this proposal stoked me.
Continuing the discussion from Proposed Buffs To Dragon Rider Gear post in Atlas group which i can’t link in this post.

While i do understand that it takes insane amount of time +/ money and effort to get epic and legendary gear to max, the difference is what hurt me the most. I also understand that its a proposal but seems a bit too far fetched for those of us without Atlas access.

The below was quoted about 4 hours ago by PGEcho in Atlas subforum.

-We know that rider gear is quite difficult to obtain and takes a lot of time and effort.
-The material cost of Legendary versus common/rare/epic gear is quite large.
-The added buffs provided from each rarity bump doesn’t seem to be meaningful enough to justify the effort/crafting cost.
-Its difficult to fully notice/appreciate the benefit of a dragon rider unless they have full outfits of leveled up gear.
-Seasons rider gear (rare quality) was much easier to obtain making crafted gear from Atlas more of a pain.
Proposed Changes:
-Increase the buffs to gear to reflect the difficulty and material cost
-Reduce the crafting scroll quantity requirement by 50% to craft items
Max Possible Gear Buff With Full Set of Gear By Rarity:
+80% Dragon Attack +80% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+40% Dragon Attack +40% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+20% Dragon Attack +20% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+10% Dragon Attack +10% Dragon HP -> Common Gear
For reference here are the current stats in game before this proposed buff:
+25% Dragon Attack +25% Dragon HP -> Legendary Gear
+14% Dragon Attack +14% Dragon HP -> Epic Gear
+8% Dragon Attack +8% Dragon HP -> Rare Gear
+5% Dragon Attack +5% Dragon HP -> Common Gear

No Atlas access- Rare Gear +20% HP boost and +20% damage boost
Atlas access: Epic Gear +40% HP boost and +40% damage boost :astonished:
Atlas access: Legendary Gear +80% HP boost and +80% Damage boost :exploding_head:

So while we, who don’t have atlas access keep working hard but have no shot for those epic and legendary gear, someone with atlas gear on rider almost doubling the stats of a dragon and same level can attack us!
Over and above that, you don’t give us any specific timeline of atlas roll out to other leagues.
And it remains in question whether Atlas access will be given to Gold leagues.
@pgEcho @PGDave

Now someone can come and tell me: If you want, go to higher leagues or one with Beta Atlas.
If you think that is a solution, you are just being personal and not answering my question at all.

If someone says what if team doesn’t want Atlas access, there can be a proposal where a team when offered a chance either gets to accept atlas access or reject it.


I’m with you, but nobody cares unfortunately. This is nothing new.

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I was still fine until players were getting some speedups, which may or may not significantly impact my speedup quantity.
I was also fine when i knew some get extra tokens daily, and though i had to wait a bit more and i would get those.
I understood that it needed lot more time and planning as a team and OK with it.

But that Epic and legendary gear boosts for riders are insane! Period!

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I’m tired of Atlas til I actually have it. 99.9% of the effort put into this game by PG is Atlas and 1% of the game can play it. Makes no fucking sense


If a team doesn’t want Atlas, they can just ignore it and deal with the extra button :slight_smile:

Anyway, my guess is that it was suggested due to being one of the more minor changes relative to the rest of how complex Atlas is; however, I do think that Atlas needs to go out to more people first. I’d imagine that there are plenty of people even through plat that are competing with those in higher leagues for resources who’d be discouraged by the huge buffs.

Divines alone also already make things pretty easy at any tier.

I posted in the original thread as well, but I’d expect it to get lost :rofl:

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From my understanding while yes atlas access can forge rider gear but this is not easy as hey presto rider gear. Some would be lucky to forge 3 or 4 items a month and none of which are guaranteed to be legendary or epic for that matter ( as far as i know its random, the players do not know until completed the forge) out of the 25 items I have forged 1 is legendary and 2 are epic rest are common and couple rare… not here to argue or upset just a bit of light in a dark area as that I feel is more needed… also atlas takes a lot of time and effort it’s not just fly fly fly free shit… and it’s very hard to get 50 members in one team to put in as much fly time that is needed to fly atlas in a way that can actually benefit the team enough to have land to gain extra tokens…
I can see why atlas is not wide spreed and I would love to see a application type situation so more players can have access.
My 2 cents.


This was my specific point and the reason which i was pushed to post the topic.

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Absolutely understand that and thank you for letting me know.
That’s why i wrote this

In reply to:

Thank you for that reminder. Of course its not fly fly fly and requires huge strategy and planning by whole team of 50 members. So I said, why not give team a choice.
Also, i am not too keen about these specific ones tbh.
I am only being specific about the boost of rider gears proposed which butthurt me.


Just as a heads up, more teams getting added to Atlas is not too terribly far in the future.


Thank you, but it helps if you are more specific about an estimate of rollout time to other leagues.
I will be more specific here if that is not possible, when can i expect atlas to reach Plat 3?

I also hope that rider gear buff is just a draft which needs to be scaled down a lot.

The problem I have is that it takes those of us without Atlas a whole season and precious sigils to get a rider and gear. People might end up waiting a year to get one with the element they need.

Now with this buff, the season gear will be equal to Common Atlas gear, and with riders that I hear are weaker than Atlas riders as well. If they end up going through with the Atlas gear increase, then previous and current season gear should have stats between the Rare and Epic Atlas gear as it does now. We are seeing the gap between the power of Atlas and non-Atlas players get wider and wider.

Other than that, the high tier Atlas players discuss of balance issues in making dragons stronger while bases are already too easy to beat. There are too many reasons not to buff the Atlas gear at this time.

All gear that currently exists would get boosted up to the new stat levels. This means that all the seasons gear past and future would get buffed to be just as strong as Atlas Rare gear (+20%). We wouldn’t let the seasons folks get left behind like that.


Ok that is fair, otherwise the season gear would feel like it suddenly rusted after we put it on. Thank you for clearing that up.

That’s not true at all. I’m sure you’re aware that Atlas and game mechanics departments are completely different. Atlas people do their job, game mechanics people do theirs. D1 through Sap2 has access… that’s a lot of people. Which also means there are a lot of bugs, glitches, issues, the list goes on. Atlas is money, of course PG wants it to be released to more people.

As I say repeatedly, those in lower leagues should be happy to have extra time to prepare for it. Atlas can be brutal for well established high level teams. It is a mirror reflection of how ‘good’ the team is. Is it not reasonable that higher leagues got it first?

And, as a side note, I highly doubt it will be released to gold league (those teams would get slaughtered immediately by people looking for easy land).

My team has a lot of diamond 2 players who reformed about a month ago so we lost our atlas access. We climbed back to sapphire 2 rapidly and are pushing for d2 again. Any more details of when we will get our access back would be greatly appreciated as we have a lot of members anxious to get back to it. Thanks as always for the updates. They are very much appreciated.

That’s a vague answer. Do we have an ETA? Like a date on a calendar

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My team rebuilt last October and have been in s1 a and s2 since the December. Miss last expansion. I have been asking when the next one will be but all I get is soon.

Do you really want a set date if it’s likely going to be changed due to other factors? I’m guessing no.

Actually yes i would. An E.T.A. or Estimated Time of Arrival is flexible so why not have a date. This way we are not asking every other day when we are going to get Atlas.

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No it isn’t. D1 through S2 is 175 teams. S3 to Bronze 1 is 10900 teams, and who knows how many in Bronze 2. So at best, 1.8% of players have access, the 1% wasn’t really a hyperbole (even though the 99.9% likely was).