Atlas Riders ,who to hire?

I can hire a atlas rider. How do I pick… .or are they all the same… Don’t really see any buffs on them…I can choose Malus, Kevana, or Swann…Was gonna put it on sorcerer… Any help would be great…Thanks in Advance!

They all have the same options. You can pick one and make it a sorcerer rider, one a hunter, one a warrior, etc. Just make sure you go STRAIGHT to that final class-specific boost or you won’t have enough skill points to do so.


Pick which ever one you think will look prettiest on the dragon you plan to bond it to. Then speck it out for the class of dragon you bonded it with. Like @TheRedDelilah said, do NOT spend any skill points on a path that will not take you to the final skill in what ever resepctive tree you choose. That final skill demands a LOT of points, and if you don’t have enough, you’ve basically screwed up your very expensive rider.


Just to better illustrate stuff:

The one with the helmet is a rider glory gain buff, which is a waste, as riders don’t benefit from extra glory, and you can’t respec riders.


Most important criteria. For sure.

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Since no one mentioned, just wait till the next primarch/rider training event to hire. The 500 shards used to hire give 20k points. :slight_smile:

Edit - Could be more now after the change. used to be 40 per blue shard and 400 per red shard not sure what it is now :stuck_out_tongue:


48.1 per blue shard now.


Thank you all for the info…Very helpful… was waiting for fight pits to end to hire. But now I’m going to wait for Atlas event… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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