Atlas Roadmap Update Discussion

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Something tells me, very few will be surprised by this


surprise :joy::roll_eyes:

Can we keep pushing it back? :smiley:

Edit: thanks for working on the fixes


I’m sure I am not in the minority who are fine with the delay. Yes there are consequences, especially for those who worked their tail off to get the season lines complete in the originally specified time, and I would not be opposed to some acknowledgement of their efforts, i’m certain they went through a stack of bullhorns…

A look at the new map will give us something to sink our teeth into, so hopefully that is not too far off.


I’m glad you need more time with Land Shuffle, this reassures me and makes me think positively that once released there will be few bugs :sweat_smile:
But really so sad and a little angry, for me and beyond me, we finished the season in the appointed month … using bullhorns and money.


Soooo… What are those that rushed to max the season supposed to do now? Twiddle thumbs? Or are there any plans to give people something to work towards with another extension of the season?
Here’s a thought - why not just end the season and start a new one, then bring out the shuffle whenever it’s ready? Yes, I know normal seasons are usually 3 months long and this has been 2 months long so far - but it’s one thing to have a normal season and knowing it since the get go and rushing anyways, and it’s a completely different thing being told we had a short season, then rushing to finish it, only to have it extended multiple times… I’m sure plenty of people (myself included) would’ve taken it easy otherwise.

By all means, take your time with the land shuffle to make sure it’s working properly before releasing it - I just think you should leave the Atlas season out of it at this point when you can’t know for sure when the shuffle will actually be available for release.
If you start a new season then the shuffle is ready mid-way, then so be it - you can continue testing for the other half of said season then bring it out the following season.

I don’t think we’re in a rush to see the shuffle, or maybe that’s just me… Just my two cents anyways.


dont get your hopes up its not more time for them to work on the shuffle.Its that the atlas team got pulled from that to go bug hunting because everyone about to leave the game

We have a EB taking a peek rn


I’m down for a new season while they finish development and fine tune. At this point my atlas elite is expired. Just waiting til I can earn new prizes.

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That’s very fair. We could have a new season. Nothing is saying that the land shuffle needs to happen immediately when it’s declared ready. Why not test it thoroughly and be sure that it’s good to go?


I think a lot of people would opt for a new season at this point - with many having rushed, people are probably just building troops right now awaiting a new season, which will probably add to the stagnancy of Atlas if no one’s going out to attack and get glory


If it would make Atlas perform as a near real time game and let all our members get into Atlas without crashing i would say extend the season indefinitely. Rewards for play (though i would like more) are moot when you can’t play.

I’m so not interested in having the debate about extending vs a short season vs a normal season again. In the light of the recent utter brokenness all that seems small.

Does the new map really even have to coincide with the start of a season? Who benefits? Trying to sync these two events is a lot of bother when one is subject to the uncertainties of the software development process and the other is expected to be firm and predictable by tens of thousands of players.

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So are absolutely, 100% guaranteed 1 more month in addition to whatever time is left in the season?

I support this decision. Fixing bugs to make Atlas actually playable should be the top priority.

@PGEggToken sorry but this update fixed nothing, it made the lag even worse.

Where do you get that idea?

He said it would be extended. Not that it would be a month’s worth extension

Okay - normally I’d be fine with this, but this wasn’t an initially announced full season. Excuse my sheer audacity here, but with all due respect, if someone had the intention to max the season they would’ve maxed it by now - whether it be the first time around or when it got extended the first time.
I don’t believe it’s fair having what I assume to be a large chunk of people rush through a season and spend so many extra resources to do so when they would’ve otherwise taken their time, only to get slapped in the face. Twice.
As I stated in my prior post - if it were a full season and people rushed, it’s on them. However, due to the nature of the situation, it just feels like we’re being punished at this point. We either need to have our efforts acknowledged as @Fragity said, or need some kind of goal to continue working towards if the season is extended once more. Honestly though, I believe it’s simply easier to call it quits on this season and start a new one, but once again, my two cents. :woman_shrugging:


While I agree with your sentiment, which I think could be alleviated a bit by there actually being prizes worth going for in the atlas lines, I think it’s odd to forget so soon that many people in fact couldn’t get glory. Remember, ya know, the colossal lag issues that have been plaguing atlas for weeks now?

Seems kinda messed up to just pull the plug on everyone who has been trying to get glory but literally couldn’t.

But again I understand your point, I really do. They need to offer prizes that make sense to go for. Another reason for atlas stagnation, people max the season and are like “well why do I care about 1 atlas chest (atlas chests suck, another problem).”