Atlas roll out to more teams?

So I’m in a sapphire I team that still deosn’t have atlas. I moved to this team a few months ago with, with the understanding for multiple posts from PG that it would be rolled out to most Sapphire teams. Any idea when this might happen ? @PGDave



I gave ya a like because they need to do this however there have been at posts on this. I’ll bring one up shortly…and it’s still up to PG. Posting is not going to speed the process up. :+1:


Most recent PG rep update…


Thanks DP

That is nothing new. I would like a date on the calendar as to when teams might be added. We all know that problems come up.


Problem is, plenty of people have a meltdown when PG does give dates if they’re not met; they get treated as if they’re signed contracts. Then you get the “dev team experts” who claim that their timelines never slip and requirements never change :roll_eyes:. If people didn’t, maybe PG would.


Unfortunately forSci speaks the truth. We can’t be trusted with specific dates lol


What I’ve seen most teams do is just war themselves into sapphire 1 or 2 just to get atlas then fall out. There are numerous teams who end up in gold IV but with atlas, and it defeats the purpose. I believe if your team can still figure it’s way into D1, “maybe” u may be granted access. Not sure when the roll out will be

This I believe is the case why dates are not being disclosed until it’s officially announced. But who knows. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I can’t help that, and won’t discuss it further because I can’t relate to those prying for Atlas.

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This is depressing.

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Sorry, but it’s the truth

Then with out giving a date you get people like me who are constantly asking when are we going to get it. Either way is not good.

No a generic keep your eyes open will not due. We want a date on a calendar that it can be on or around.

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PG use to give times and dates, and when something went wrong and something had to be changed by even an hour the community lost their freaking minds. Since then they do not and will not give us dates or times.


Thanks I have heard that. But an ETA is not written in stone and are flexible. It’s just fustrating having missed the last 2 expansion. 1 for starting a new team and 1 for dropping to switch for a week.

Think he said in the quarter, so that’s at least a window…

What’s the window, quarter as in til the end of March-ish? Or the “next quarter” as in end of the Spring season? I missed if it if quarter was defined more

He never said which quarter. There are 4 quarters to the year. The first quarter is almost over, so are we looking at the second and how far into that will it be.

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Dunno which. He didn’t specify this quarter, next quarter, I dunno :man_shrugging:

Im sorry if what I am about to ask is not related to the subject but I have doubts. My team is on sapphire league for about 4 weeks and Atlas isn’t available to us. After talking to various leaders within the league they are all on atlas but us.
Can anyone help us with this matter? Any guidance or help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.