Atlas Rolling out?


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When will Platinum teams get Atlas. In October it was said everyone in teams Plat and above will get Atlas. Are you still adding teams? If so, how? Is it done weekly? Daily? I’m in Platinum 2 and nobody is my league is talking about Atlas.


October was the start of the staggered rollout, not the release to everyone. The post below notes Nov. 15th for Diamond I through Sapphire II, if everything goes well.


I thought they already released Atlas to Diamond and Sapphire in October?


Currently only Diamond and Beta have Atlas.


Only diamond has it so far.


Thank you so much for explaining. BTW I love your Twitch streams. I don’t get to see them as often as I wish but I do try to go back when I have a chance to learn new things :slight_smile:


Including leagues that it was already released to allows them to account for league shifting.

e.g. Team A was in Sapphire I when the first Atlas release wave went out (Diamond teams). After the first wave, they reached Diamond II. The second wave then goes to Sapphire I and Sapphire II, which means that Team A would be missed, if they weren’t releasing like they are now.


Oh I’m in Platinum. So does that mean we have to wait until the end? Also what if we are jumping from Plat II and Plat III. Do we miss it if we jump?


Okay I get it now. Thanks for explaining. I really like this new forum :heart_eyes:


I can’t speak for PG on their timing and plans :slight_smile:

I’d imagine that they’d continue to release to leagues already released to along with the current ones to account for the situation that I detailed above, though. For timing, if they follow top down, then you’d have longer to wait, unless they start releasing to more sub-leagues at a time but keep in mind that leagues start getting larger in player numbers the further they are from diamond as well. Checking the #atlas category for those update posts is probably a good way to see what’s going on.

xYellowMonkeYx has a basics guide in the contest thread. Gox1201 (and others?) have an amazing and very detailed guide to learn about Atlas.

Edit: EggToken just posted this with more detail on timing. Not sure if edited pings work, so… @Aphrodite32


So every time they add new teams they add new land?


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